Village Vojščica
Village Vojščica

Vojščica is typical Karst village with some preserved Karst homesteads and wells. It is located southeast from Kostanjevica, in municipality Miren-Kostanjevica, in vicinity of Slovenia-Italian state border. In the middle of the village is church St. Vid, which was erected between years 1924 and 1928. On the elevation Tabor, remains of prehistoric fort are located, which are archeological heritage.

In the area of the village, in prehistoric times, a small community was formed, which built a fort. This colonization also continued in Iron Age and in period of Antique Rome. From 13th century on, a small unfortified court stood in the village, which was a seat of extensive land property. In 14th century, it was owned by ministerials of Gorica counts, clan Thurn. Besides this coulmn court, here also stood churh St. Vid, around which, already in 15th century, stood anti-Turkish camp. After Austria-Venetian wars, camp lost his strategic meaning and because of that it started to decay.

Village Vojščica was heavily affected by WWI, as most of the houses were demolished. From the castle, only a part of the wall of the presbytery of the church St. Vid remains. New church, in the center of the village, is dedicated to the same saint. In year 1957 they founded the parish Vojščica.

The view to the village
Typical Karst homestead
Narrow road in the village
Typical Karst houses