The monument, also a public structure, was built because of its commemorative or other symbolic value. They are dedicated to different events or persons, only rarely to countries, animals or objects. Public monuments are often set with at least two additional reasons: for need of commermorations or commemorative gatherings and for their aesthetic and artistic values, which contributes to a better appearance of the surrounding area. In Slovenia we have many monuments intended for known people, that contributed to Slovenian development. A wide variety of monuments of National Liberation Struggle or Liberation Front. We can also find many memorial plaques, usually placed on the house in which someone was born or was creating or working in. And in Slovenia there are also some tomb that are devoted to known person or clan.

travel-slovenia-artur-lokar-statue-viewStatues of famous people
The statue is a three-dimensional product with the status of work of art. Materials that are used by sculptors are diverse, mostly they use stone, marble and steal. Kinds of sculptures we know are bust, relief, group, Full-figured, freestanding and animal. They can be life or at least close size or larger. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-NLS-monument-skofljica-viewNational liberation struggle
National liberation struggle or national-liberation fight (short NLS) is a sign for struggle of Yugoslavian nations agiants invader and collaboration units on the area of former Yugoslavia, including with Slovenia, during years 1941 – 1945, which was led by Communist party. [_Visit locations_]

Liberation front [_Visit locations_]

Memorial plaques [_Visit locations_]

Cavern is a cave of anthropologic origin, usually a hollow into the rocky terrain with a purpose of protection against artillery or air strikes. It could also serve as a warehouse for weapon and other equipment, a shelter or a living unit. Caverns for this purpose occurred in the times of 1st World War. [_Read more_]

Tomb represents a monument or memorial plaque of a dead person or an entire clan, which in the past became famous for its actions. Part of the tomb can also be an architectonically formed monument. The wider meanings of a Tomb are also mounds, solemn small houses and solemn chambers. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-homestead-nr-95-viewProfane building heritage
Profane building heritage are buildings or structures, which are protected with regulations on conservation of cultural heritage. Real estate unit of cultural heritage is defined as certain connected part of physical building that has characteristics of cultural heritage. [_Visit locations_]