Churches and chapels

From the official sources from year 1991 Slovenia has 2887 churches, but this number has grown till today. In Registry of real estate cultural legacy of the Ministry for culture there are 2341 registered church buildings. Next to non-Roman Chatolic churches we also have Baptist church, Evangelistic churches, Greek Catholic churches and the Orthodox church.

Most of Slovenian villages that do not have a church probably have a chapel. Usually they are located next to the road, some can be found on lonely places in the middle of the woods. Chapel can be constituent part of the church, some are also located in other secular buildings, like bigger hospitals and institution.

Church is secular building intended for worship. Usually this is an independent building, often with entitled church bell that is rarely separated from the church. Interior is divided to ships and presbytery, choir and altar. They also have side altars and vestry, where priest and altar boys prepare for Mass.[_Visit locations_]

Chapel is a small Christian worship building. Mostly they were erected because a vow was made in distress or in an accident. The place usually serves only for few people. Inside are a small altar with cross, statue and painting. Chapels are mostly open, only rarely completely closed. [_Visit locations_]