Historical places

Historical places from different ages are spread throughout Slovenia. Some are very well preserved, some are abandoned and overgrown, but nonetheless worth seeing. Some show that Slovenian territory played a major role in creation of global history, from prehistory till today.

Iron Age
Iron Age is a period in which people primarily used iron for making weapons and tools. In the area of Slovenia, it covers the time from 1000 bc to 300 bc, named the older Iron Age, and from 300 bc to the Roman occupation towards the end of 1st-century bc, named the younger Iron Age or Late Age. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-roman empireRoman Empire
Roman Empire marks Old-Roman civilization in centuries, that followed reorganization under the leadership of emperor Augustus. Centuries before the reign of Augustus are marked as Roman Republic. Differences between those are in bodies of governance and relationships among them. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-middle-agesMiddle ages
The period in history, which started in year 476 with the downfall of Western Roman Empire, thereby ending Ancient times. The period of Middle ages ended with the discovery of America in year 1492. Almost a thousand year long period is divided into three stages: Early ages, High ages, Late Middle ages. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-illyrian-provincesIllyrian provinces
Time of Illyrian provinces started, when Napoleon created them on October 14th 1809 after the defeat of Austria in the battle at Wagrem with Schönbunn’s treaty, and was forced to give over to France Carniola, western part of Koroška, Gorica, Trieste, Istria, Croatia and War landscape southwest from Sava. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-first-world-war1First World War (WWI)
WWII, also known as the Great War was the first global war, which began on 28. July 1914 and lasted until 11. November 1918. All major empires and their allies of that time were involved. What was originally a small European conflict in Balkan area, grew into a war of global proportions. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-world-war-II-viewSecond World War (WWII)
WWII started on 1st September 1939, lasted until 2nd September 1945; was one of the most extensive and expensive armed conflicts in history. Most of the world countries took part. The cause was German invasion on Poland and consequently declaration of war by France and British empire. [_Visit locations_]