History at glance

Historia Magistra Vitae est.   – “History is life’s teacher” (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

That old roman proverb is our guideline when we were making the website, which we are presenting to you. Project Zgodovina na dlani (History at glance) helps you to understand the past with the help of new technologies and opens a new view of history to a wide range of readers and visitors of our website. At the same time, we wish to keep the memories of the past and contribute to historiography.

Knowledge of the Slovene history is vast, but at the same time it is dispersed and non-unified, and because of that even the best research projects often do not reach its intended goal. Our website is trying to fill that gap with an easier and more understandable, but at the same time accurate and verified way of exploring our past. We also pay special attention to video and photo material.  With your help we wish to collect as many old postcards, photographs and paintings of the Slovene cities, put them in an accurate historic period and keep them at one safe place, where audience can reach them by internet or mobile applications.

At the creation and development of the website and our mobile applications, we are open for cooperation and proposals, as it is a very complex and vast area of exploration. If we are to reach ultimate and real accurate results we must work together and exchange our knowledge. History must stay a life’s teacher.

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