travel-slovenia-bled-church-viewSights of special interest
Slovenia is a small country, but nonetheless hides amazingly attractive things, to which we attribute special interest. Attractions are certainly worth seeing, as each of them offers a very special insight to Slovenia. Special interests range from the only island, to the dinosaur footprints. [_Read more_]

Slovenia is the most diverse land in a small area, from high mountains to the lowest valleys and the sea. In between we can find a wide variety of different land, among them are also caves that can be visited independently or in a company of a guide. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-sour-water-viewWater attractions
Slovenia belongs among most watery lands. Although some parts look very dry at first, looks can be deceiving, especially on Karst part of Slovenia, which hides priceless water wealth. In addition to rivers and lakes, Slovenia hides countless water areas, which belong among most beautiful parts of our country. [_Read more_]

Square is part of the city, which encompasses bigger open area, which can also be built-up. In the urban environment this space stands in front of the church or bigger buildings. Today they represent big importance for population, as they allow different interactions among people. [_Read more_]

In Slovenia we can find a lot of different plants, from the smallest to the biggest, from simple to most colorful ones. Many of them are on the list of protected native plant species. Protected are not only the ones, which are nice to see or interesting, but also those for which there is a risk of extinction. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-vrtovin-sign-at-homestead-95-viewOther attractions
Among all already mentioned attractions, you can however also find those smaller treasures, which even further define our country. Usually they are located in smaller villages or on areas, which are not frequently visited, but this does not mean, they do not carry anything valuable. [_Read more_ ]