Walking and cycling

Besides slopes, Slovenia has a number of different routes – walking paths, bike trails, didactic paths and trails for jogging. This is a unique opportunity to spend free time in nature, to refill our energy. We can walk on decorated or undecorated paths, depending on the wishes. We may decide taking didactic path and learn more about nature. Whatever you choose, you will certainly spend your time usefully.

travel-slovenia-walkingWalking routes
Walking trail is part of the paved or unpaved traffic or non-traffic area, primarily intended for walking. Depending on the function of  area and purpose, we have separated walking paths into: mountain pasture trails, nature trails, hiking trails, underground walkways, pathways and paths for pedestrians. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-cyclingCycling routes
Cycling connection is connection with prescribed traffic sings, marked as combination of categorized and non-categorized trails, serving for cycling traffic. Considering conjunctive meaning in the area, trails are divided into district, principal, regional and local trails. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-didactic-pathsDidactic routes
Didactic route is a walking path leading through the forest, grass or bushy landscape and is intended for education, learning about nature, forestry, traditional crafts and natural phenomena. It can be described as geological, forest, botanical, park route and so on. Such walkways are usually few kilometers long. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-trim-trailsTrim trails
Trim trail is regulated or unregulated path by which we can run or walk. It is intended for recreation or performing different exercises on a number of trim stations, which can be added along the way. At these stations we can perform various physical exercises. It can also be used for rapid walking or Nordic walking. [_Visit locations_]