Parks and Forests

Slovenia is a country that has the highest level of biodiversity and it has many diverse landscapes, compared with other countries in Europe. First initiatives for the protection of these areas, summarised with the greatest richness and beauties of nature, came in the beginning of 20th century, and this idea has developed until today, so it has become one of the ways of creating sustainable development of society. These requirements for a presevation of nature and attractive landscape are increasing a number of nature lovers. Parks are offering peace, relaxation, experience of unspoiled nature and numerous activities. These are areas where levels of natural and cultural preservation are highest and are becoming increasingly more important to visitors.

Slovenia is also known as a land of forests, as about 3/4 of surface is covered with them. Thus, almost every Slovenian village is near the forest. Forest is a complex interwoven community of plants, animals and micro-organisms. Forest protect the soil against erosion and prevent the formation of avalanches, they detain rainwater and prevent its rapid evaporation. It also has an affect on the temperature and humidity. Slovenia has a number of forests that are legally protected and interference with them is offence as they were pronounced to be nature reservates.

travel-slovenia-tnpNational park
National park is a vast rounded natural area, which has a maximum value from nature protection point of view. National park is formed by primordial zones with ecosystems and natural attractions of utmost importance. A role of the park is primarily a preservation and study of natural ecosystems. [_Visit location_]

travel-slovenia-regional-parkRegional parks
Regional park is a rounded area of unspoiled and cultivated nature, which brings together a broad range of regionally characteristic ecosystems and landscapes. Functions of Regional park is a conservation of natural ecosystems and typical landscape and to enable human relaxation and recreation. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-landscape-parksLandscape parks
Landscape park is an area where many elements of natural and cultural heritage interweave. Landscape park is designed primarily for conservation of a landscape and relaxation. This is an area with a pronounced quality and long term coexistence of human and nature. [_Visit locations_]

Adventure parks
Adventure park is a place which contain different elements for fun and adrenaline, like rope climbing, obstacles, rock climbing, target oriented activities, zip-line, children’s parks and different sights with different educational tasks. Usually they are intended for recration and fun for various age groups. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-city-parksCity parks
Function of city park is, that among the abundance of greenery that adorns the city, protects people against urban enviroment effects and offers them opportunity to socialize, recreate and relax. And this is utmost importance of city parks. They can have decorated, paved, rocky, gravel or natural paths. [_Visit locations_]

Forest is a combination of several trees and a type of terrestrial ecosystem. This kind of ecosystem occurs independently, with interaction of environment factors. Here climate is decisive. And forest ecosystems, depending on available heat and different climate zones, vary. [_Visit locations_]