Nomago – Come along.
Nomago is the largest mobility and travel provider in Slovenia with branches in Croatia and Italy. It unites more than 650 buses on 500 scheduled routes and offers full travel and mobility service – from airport transfers, flights, accommodation, travel insurance, travel packages to charter buses and VIP transfers. [_Read more_]

Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca
Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca was established in the year 2016 in village Vojščica on Karst. They care about culture and sport in the village and the surrounding area. At the same time, they enable recognisability and presentation of historical and natural beauties in Vojščica and its immediate vicinity. [_Read more_]

History at glance
Website is dedicated to all lovers of Slovene history, who wish to get a better understanding of it, in an easier, but at the same time professional way. It is a part of a wider project by a group of historians, who keep the memories of the past intact and bring history closer to the people. [_Read more_]

Natura 2020
Ecosystem Natura 2020 consists of magnificent vastness of natural resources in the area of Pohorje mountainside, Drava river and Kozjak mountainside. We face a unique natural reserve Šumik. Unspoiled natural value known as the virgin forest Šumik is famous as its king. [_Read more_]
At, we connect you quickly and free of charge with verified service providers from your area, you can also quickly check the average prices of services and other tips. If you are planning a construction or renovation, a weeding or looking for business B2B services for your company, you are invited to submit a free inquiry … [_Read more_]

Technical Museum of Slovenia
Museum of Post and Telecommunications

Are you curious about where you can see Tito’s cars, a blacksmith’s workshop and a world champion bear? In Polhov Gradec they share stories about times when we eagerly waited for the postman bringing fresh news. [_ TMS – Read more_] [_MPT – Read more_]
Web portal is not just another among many online stores. is a web portal, where all Slovenian manufacturers and creators can sell their products and present themselves to a wider audience. Check the offer of various products of Slovenian origin. [_Read more_]

Guide2Music is a mobile and interactive guide to Slovenian music attractions, where you can find a list of various music institutions that deal with the collection and presentation of music material. The application is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about music attractions. [_Read more_]

Potopisarije is traveler blog, to present various locations and places in little country Slovenia and wider across the border. The author is focusing to re-live moments with his girlfriend through the written word. Another purpose of this blog is to present his photography, which are all made by the author. [_Read more_]

The Slovenia
With nearly a decade of experience publishing English language travel books, guides, maps and other media written exclusively by foreigners living in Slovenia, THE Slovenia International Publishing House is the #1 source of professionally-written travel and tourism information in this small green country. [_Read more_]

Logo _LN+FUHFoundation Beat of humanity
”Every day is a new opportunity for beat of humanity. Feel it with us.” The foundation works in the frame of sustainable development on the field of charity; they promote values of solidarity and help, and in this way, they contribute to a better, kinder society and a greener natural environment. [_Read more_]