Church of St. Vid, Vojščica


Neoromanian church of St. Vid is located in the center of village Vojščica, which was built after 1st World War, more precisely in year 1928. It was built slightly away from the ruins in war demolished Gothic church of St. Justin, which was in 15th century also surrounded by a wall because of the Turksih incursions. It became a parish church in year 1939.

The plan of todays church was made by architect A. Radovič. It is properly oriented, and made in pseudo-Romanian style. The picture on the main altar is from G. Caramel is from Treviso from year 1929. In the church is also the picture of Jesus’s heart from  Mara Kraljeva. The statue of St. Joseph is from a sculptor from Gradiška. The equipment is from domestic stone, from Škrbina, Nabrežina.

St. Vid church, Vojščica
St. Vid church, Vojščica


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Vojščica is typical Karst village with some preserved Karst homesteads and wells. It is located southeast from Kostanjevica, in municipality Miren-Kostanjevica, in vicinity of Slovenia-Italian state border. In the middle of the village is church St. Vid, which was erected between years 1924 and 1928. [_Read more_]

Church of St. Justin
The church was erected in the Middle Ages, somewhere in the last middle of the 15th century. It was located on the area of the former historical fort from late Bronze and Iron Age in village Vojščica. Here stood anti-Turk fort Tabor, the church was erected inside the wall its self within that time mansion. [_Read more_]

Tabor is located at the altitude 237 meters in the southern part of Vojščica on the western part of Komen plateau in the middle of Karst, where the remains of the prehistoric fort from the Iron Age are located, which are archaeological heritage. The colonization of this part goes back to Antiquity. [_Read more_]