Castles & Mansions

Slovenia has dozens of castles, from various ruins to renovated ones, and some of them were converted into museums or are used for other activities. Castles were mostly built on elevation, which offers beautiful view. At the same time, Slovenia can praise itself with a numerous Mansions, most of which are from Baroque period. Some of them were also converted into museums or galleries, but they can also be used for various ceremonies.

It is a form of fortification, especially characteristic for medieval period. Usually those were built on strategically important and heavily accessible terrain, such as steep slope, by bridge or major road. It is fortified resedence of feudal lords. Strong and well built castles underwent enemy attacks or rebellions. [_Visit locations_]

The Mansion is building of feudal lord, which is larger and more luxuriously built, placed on selected location.  It is usually only intended for temporary stays. It is unfortified and comfortable residential building in the countryside. Usually it is surrounded by gardens, parks and other facilities. [_Visit locations_]