Herbal farm Rogelja


Herbal farm Rogelja is located in small, but beautiful Karst village Vojščica, not far from the Italian border on the western part of Slovenia. Passion for nature, health, well-being, and hospitality are already firmly rooted virtues of their grandfathers, which are being preserved from generation to generation in their hearts and family traditions.

The beginning of Herbal farm Rogelja goes to the year 2010 when they happily decided to preserve these virtues in the future. Diverse Karst surface with its uniqueness confirms with both the underground and the surface world, whereby the underground is intertwined with beautiful cave formations, and the surface with the diversity of natural and cultural landscape that has developed here for millennia.

Rocky plains, dry meadows, and overgrown forests on the Karst surface hide the exceptional flora, which under the influence of the Mediterranean climate with typical Karst bora developed uniquely and different.

Favorable climatic conditions, a unique Karst landscape, and a heartfelt family wish to expand the awareness of a healthy lifestyle that comes exclusively from nature, inspired them to do what they appreciate and what they have become – Herbal farm Rogelja. As part of the herbal farm, they have been professionally trained to perform various types of massages from the very beginning.

The farm is engaged in the production of herbal teas, essential oils, various ointments, hydrolats, herbals in spirits, and more. The side activity of the farm are massages performed by Magda Rogelja. She performs relaxation massages, foot massages, pedicures, and more.

By prior arrangement, they also prepare tastings for you – herbal snacks, liqueurs, and other – workshops, walk around the herbal garden, tours around surrounding attractions with a local guide, and much more.


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Vojščica is typical Karst village with some preserved Karst homesteads and wells. It is located southeast from Kostanjevica, in municipality Miren-Kostanjevica, in vicinity of Slovenia-Italian state border. In the middle of the village is church St. Vid, which was erected between years 1924 and 1928. [_Read more_]