Hiking in Slovenia can be fun, due to its diverse terrain. With plains on the east, mountains on the north, Karst world on the west, coastline on the south-west, hills with vines on the south, with valleys, gorges and diverse parks in between. It also nice to hike around mountain pastures and plateaus and just enjoy the views they offer.

Gorge (also: hollow, canyon, tight, tighty, sinks, gorge, ravine) is a deep narrow valley with steep, partly rocky slopes, and normally with water flow at the bottom. A transport route often leads through the gorge (like road, rail, walkway …). The formation of the gorge is consequence of the depth erosion. [_Visit locations_]

Valley is a geographical surface shape, which is usually plain, surrounded by higher areas (hills or mountains). Valley may cover an area from several square kilometers to several thousand square kilometers. Valleys by its origin are divided into river and glacial valleys. [_Visit locations_]

travel-slovenia-mountain-pasture-viewMountain pastures
The mountain pasture, or high rocky mountains, is a time limited grazing surface in high mountain range.  It is a place to graze cattle, horses or sheep. Buildings for livestock and shepherds are usually present; often there are also buildings for milk processing operations. [_Visit locations_]

The plateau, also high plain or tableland, is planar or slightly undulating geographical area at a relatively high altitude in the context of hills or mountains. Often with one or more sides with steep slopes. As a rule, their shape is like bobbed cone, surrounded by the valleys. [_Visit locations_]

Altitude from 50 – 200 meters
Hump (ancient holm) is lower elevation on Earth’s surface. Hump may have a tapered or rounded shapes. More humps connected together are called hump chains. Small hump, separeted from the hump chain, such as the mountains, is mound. [_Visit locations_]

Altitude from 200 – 800 meters
The hill is a medium high elevation, which has one or more peaks. It occurs, when the mountain usually gradually passes into the plain. The peaks and ridges are always lower and less steep. More hills connected together are called hill chains. [_Visit locations_]

Altitude from 800 meters and above
Mountain is a prominent elevation on the Earth’s surface, which rises high above the surrounding area, usually in the form of a peak. More mountains connected together are called mountain chains. [_Visit locations_]