NLS monument Vojščica


NLS monument

Memorial is located on the left side of the road that leads from Dolnja (en. Lower) to Gornja (en. Upper) village or on the right side of the road towards the church of St. Vid. Memorial was in on June 1st, 1975 erected and uncovered by architect Aleksander Zavadlav. It is a stylized Karst house, situated on the paved platform. On the inner side is inscription plaque, dedicated to all fallen and victims of war in the village.


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Vojščica is typical Karst village with some preserved Karst homesteads and wells. It is located southeast from Kostanjevica, in municipality Miren-Kostanjevica, in vicinity of Slovenia-Italian state border. In the middle of the village is church St. Vid, which was erected between years 1924 and 1928. [_Read more_]