Municipality is the basic local community, which, by the law, alone governs its affairs and carries out certain legal regulations in the areas which are assigned to it. Municipality area consists of one or more settlements related with the common interests of the residents. A representative of the municipality is elected mayor.

Slovenia is administratively divided into 210 municipalities, of which 11 have the status of city municipality. Each Slovenian municipality has its typical municipal coat of arms, flag and a municipal holiday.

Map of municipalities in Slovenia
Map of municipalities in Slovenia


– Ljubljana
– Maribor
– Koper
– Murska Sobota
– Celje
– Kranj
– Nova Gorica
– Novo mesto
– Ptuj
– Slovenj Gradec
– Velenje


travel-slovenia-municipality-skofljicaMunicipality Škofljica
Municipality Škofljica lies in the central part of Slovenia. It covers the far south-eastern edge of the Ljubljana Marshes with indentations, Želimlje valley and hilly part from Orle and Molnik, which rises towards Vrh above Želimlje to the foot of mountain St. Ahac. [_Read more_]