Bohinj lake


Bohinj lake
Bohinj lake

Lake Bohinj, pearl under Triglav, is located in the Julian Alps on the southwest of the country and is the biggest natural permanent lake of Triglav National Park and at the same time in Slovenia. The lake is of tectonic origin, hollow in which it lies was shaped by Bohinj glacier. Lake bowl holds more then 100 million m3 of water, according to the old Bohinj joke only for a bucket, if it is big enough. The main affluent of the lake is Savica, which collects the water in the Valley of Triglav lakes and on the western part of lake hollow breaks through moraines with boulders. The river flows into Bohinj lake at Ukanec. The water in the lake changes three times a year. Torrential waterfall Govic, which is one of the underwater karst springs, erupts only in heavy rain when its underground abyss is filled with water.

Bohinj lake
Bohinj lake

The outflow river is called Jezernica, which is one of the shortest rivers in Slovenia. After the confluence with river Mostnica, in less than a 100 meters, new river-bed is renamed into Sava Bohinjka. The lake is a Slovenian natural attraction. In terms of surface, in Slovenia, it is only surpassed by the intermittent Cerknica lake (when it is full) and the artificial Ptuj lake.

Hollow of the lake is of glacier-tectonic origin that in today’s form was created about 10.000 years ago with intense erosion activity of Bohinj glacier. At the last ice age maximum 20.000 years ago, the glacier was 800 meters thick. The lake lies at the end of the blind valley, which is closed from several sides by closed forest slopes. On the north Fužine plateau and Pršivec are rising, on the south Vogel, on the west Komen plateau and southeast lower Below Bohinj mountains (si. Spodnje bohinjske gore). Next to the lake two villages are located, Ribčev Laz and Ukanc, slightly aside is Stara Fužina.

Lake water is cold, the average monthly surface temperature fluctuates from 1.6° in February to 18.1° in August. The lowest measured temperature of the water was 0°C and the highest 24.6°C in June in the year 2003. Between June and September, one can swim in this crystal clear water, the surroundings of the lake are inviting fans of the sports activities throughout the year. The lake is surrounded by extensive forests that hide unique waterfalls and gorges, above them are fantastic viewpoints.

Bohinj lake
Bohinj lake
Bohinj lake


  • Altitude: 526 meters
  • Length: 4100 meters (the longest diagonal)
  • Width: 1200 meters (biggest)
  • Maximum depth: 45 meters
  • Surface: 318 ha
  • Amount of water: 92.5 million m3
  • Length of the coast: around 11.35 kilometers


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Ribčev Laz
Ribčev Laz is a small settlement on the eastern part of Bohinj and it represents the center of happening and most known image of Bohinj. Inhabitants were originally engaged in agriculture, today mostly in tourism. Ribčev Laz, in the WWI, served as a transitional zone between the battlefield and the hinterland. [_Read more_]

Ukanc is a small settlement on the west coast of Bohinj lake, which is located in the area of Triglav national park. According to the legend, the name Ukanc originated from the phrase ”u konc” or the end of the world, as people are supposed to believe that the world under nearby Komarča is ending. [_Read more_]

The path around Bohinj lake
The path around Bohinj lake is one of the most visited footpaths, which offers a beautiful view of Bohinj lake and its surroundings, the view on its natural and cultural heritage. We can set off or from Ribčev Laz or Ukanc, and we can decide for ourselves in which direction we will go. [_Read more_]

Waterfall Savica
Waterfall Savica is one of those more famous waterfalls, which have a touch of romance and sort of historical significance. It is one of the most visited Slovenian waterfalls and has great tourist importance in the Bohinj area. France Prešeren already praised it in his songs, also in more humorous ones. [_Read more_]

Goldhorn statue
Statue of Goldhorn proudly stands on a large rock by lake Bohinj in the settlement Ribčev Laz and is a real attraction for photography. Goldhorn indicates the enchanting and mysterious land. Above Komna, in alpine paradise, there once lived white women, kind-hearted creatures. [_Read more_]

Model of Triglav
In Ribčev Laz by Bohinj lake, in a small park, a model of Triglav is located, which is the work of Bohinj painter Valentin Hodnik (1896-1935). His most common motif were Bohinj mountains. Hodnik did not depict the world only realistically, but also humorously. Motifs can be even today seen on postcards. [_Read more_]

Bear head
Bear head is located on the path around Bohinj lake, some minutes of walk from scout camping and below home Bohinj. It is located directly next to the access road to the home Bohinj, on the left side. The bear head reminds us of a bear from cartoon Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. [_Read more_]

Stream Savica
Savica is karst spring, waterfall, and stream, which flows into Bohinj lake. Stream Savica has two original stream beds, namely Velika Savica, on which a waterfall Savica is located and Mala Savica, which is torrential character and in the rainy period flows south-west from Velika Savica. [_Read more_]

River Jezernica
Jezernica is a river that outflows from Bohinj lake and is the second shortest river in Slovenia. After only a few 100 meters, together with river Mostnica, forms a river Sava Bohinjka. It is located in Ribčev Laz and flows under the stone bridge named Janez’s bridge. Average water outflow is 8.34 m3/s. [_Read more_]

Church of St. John the Baptist
The church of St. John the Baptist (si. Sv. Janez Krstnik) is located on a small elevation in Ribčev Laz, in the direct vicinity of Bohinj lake, outflow river Jezernica and Janez’s bridge. It is over 700 years old, experts put it into the middle of 11. century, if not even to the late 10. century. [_Read more_]

Church St. Spirit by the lake
At Ukanc by the southern coast of Bohinj lake, with shingles covered Baroque church of St. Spirit, also Holy Spirit by the Lake or worm church, is located. It stands on the clearing below the forest next to the Bohinj lake. The church was erected in the year 1743, although archive sources quote differently. [_Read more_]

Janez’s bridge
The bridge is located in settlement Ribčev Laz and stretches across river Jezernica, which is an outflow river of Bohinj lake, and also the second shortest river in Slovenia. On the other side of the bridge is the church of St. Janez Krstnik. Janez’s bridge is monument-protected [_Read more_]

Goldhorn fairytale path
Goldhorn fairytale path runs in Ukanc and is a circular path, approximately 2 kilometers long. We can walk along the path for half an hour or an entire day. The entire path is well marked with signposts. The thematic path is fun, educational, and creative and suitable for all ages. [_Read more_]

Memorial sign of the struggle of the Jesenice-Bohinj detachmnet
Memorial landmark is located in Ribčev Laz next to the church of St. Janez Krstnik, Jenaz’s bridge, and Bohinj lake. It is a memorial plaque on the rock in memory of the victory of Jesenice-Bohinj detachment over the German occupier on April 4th, 1945, and preventing the burning of the Upper Bohinj valley. [_Read more_]

Bohinj railway
Bohinj railway runs between Jesenice – Nova Gorica – Trieste, in times of Austria-Hungary monarchy it was an important part of railway Prague – Trieste. It is 144 kilometers long, from 717 kilometers long railway. Bohinj railway includes 89 kilometers of Bohinj and 55 kilometers of Karst railway. [_Read more_]