Bear head


Bear head

Bear head is located on the path around Bohinj lake, some minutes of walk from scout camping and below home Bohinj. It is located directly next to the access road to the home Bohinj, on the left side. The bear head reminds us of a bear from cartoon Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, but we leave the imagination to you to see for your self what you want.

The bear head grows from the tree there and is covered with moss, on the upper part of the bear head there is little more of moss and it looks like the hair. On the sides the ears fall, the body continues into the tree its self. The view on the creature from the side gives a clear picture of the bear.


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Ribčev Laz
Ribčev Laz is a small settlement on the eastern part of Bohinj and it represents the center of happening and most known image of Bohinj. Inhabitants were originally engaged in agriculture, today mostly in tourism. Ribčev Laz, in the WWI, served as a transitional zone between the battlefield and the hinterland. [_Read more_]

Bohinj lake
Lake Bohinj, pearl under Triglav, is located in the Julian Alps on the southwest of the country and is the biggest natural permanent lake of Triglav National Park and at the same time in Slovenia. The lake is of tectonic origin, hollow in which it lies was shaped by Bohinj glacier. [_Read more_]

The path around Bohinj lake
The path around Bohinj lake is one of the most visited footpaths, which offers a beautiful view of Bohinj lake and its surroundings, the view on its natural and cultural heritage. We can set off or from Ribčev Laz or Ukanc, and we can decide for ourselves in which direction we will go. [_Read more_]