Ukanc is a small settlement on the west coast of Bohinj lake, which is located in the area of Triglav national park. According to the legend, the name Ukanc originated from the phrase ”u konc” (en. in the end – in slang) or the end of the world, as people are supposed to believe that the world under nearby Komarča is ending. Ukanc was for the first time mentioned in written sources in the year 1498 under various names: Vkanes, Vkentzi, Nakonczi, Vkonczich, and Vkansczich.

It is a scattered settlement on the shady side of Bohinj lake, where mountains climb from all sides – Vogel, Marli vrh, mountain Peršivec, and cliff Komarča. Meteorologically, Ukanc is one of the wettest places in Slovenia. In Ukanc, the Savica stream flows into Bohinj lake, here run Goldhorn fairytale path, which takes us through natural and cultural sights. There is also an Austria-Hungary military cemetery with a wooden chapel, as Soča front took place nearby during the First World War.

Ukanc is also the site of a mass cemetery from the Second World War. Ukanc’s mass cemetery is located on the western shore of Bohinj lake. It contains the remains of Croatian victims, who were exhumed.


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Bohinj lake
Lake Bohinj, pearl under Triglav, is located in the Julian Alps on the southwest of the country and is the biggest natural permanent lake of Triglav National Park and at the same time in Slovenia. The lake is of tectonic origin, hollow in which it lies was shaped by Bohinj glacier. [_Read more_]

Waterfall Savica
Waterfall Savica is one of those more famous waterfalls, which have a touch of romance and sort of historical significance. It is one of the most visited Slovenian waterfalls and has great tourist importance in the Bohinj area. France Prešeren already praised it in his songs, also in more humorous ones. [_Read more_]

Stream Savica
Savica is karst spring, waterfall, and stream, which flows into Bohinj lake. Stream Savica has two original stream beds, namely Velika Savica, on which a waterfall Savica is located and Mala Savica, which is torrential character and in the rainy period flows south-west from Velika Savica. [_Read more_]

The path around Bohinj lake
The path around Bohinj lake is one of the most visited footpaths, which offers a beautiful view of Bohinj lake and its surroundings, the view on its natural and cultural heritage. We can set off or from Ribčev Laz or Ukanc, and we can decide for ourselves in which direction we will go. [_Read more_]

Goldhorn fairytale path
Goldhorn fairytale path runs in Ukanc and is a circular path, approximately 2 kilometers long. We can walk along the path for half an hour or an entire day. The entire path is well marked with signposts. The thematic path is fun, educational, and creative and suitable for all ages. [_Read more_]

Church St. Spirit by the lake
At Ukanc by the southern coast of Bohinj lake, with shingles covered Baroque church of St. Spirit, also Holy Spirit by the Lake or worm church, is located. It stands on the clearing below the forest next to the Bohinj lake. The church was erected in the year 1743, although archive sources quote differently. [_Read more_]