Stream Savica


Stream Savica

Savica is karst spring, waterfall, and stream, which flows into Bohinj lake. Stream Savica has two original stream beds, namely Velika Savica (en. Big Savica), on which a waterfall Savica is located and Mala Savica (en. Small Savica), which is torrential character and in the rainy period flows south-west from Velika Savica. Slightly lower, the stream beds of Savica join and flow under the joint name Savica. Before stream Savica flows into Bohinj lake, it is joined with torrent stream Ukanška Suha (en. Ukanc Dry).

Stream Big Savica (si. Velika Savica)

Point where stream Savica flows into Bohinj lake


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Waterfall Savica
Waterfall Savica is one of those more famous waterfalls, which have a touch of romance and sort of historical significance. It is one of the most visited Slovenian waterfalls and has great tourist importance in the Bohinj area. France Prešeren already praised it in his songs, also in more humorous ones. [_Read more_]

Bohinj lake
Lake Bohinj, pearl under Triglav, is located in the Julian Alps on the southwest of the country and is the biggest natural permanent lake of Triglav National Park and at the same time in Slovenia. The lake is of tectonic origin, hollow in which it lies was shaped by Bohinj glacier. [_Read more_]

Ukanc is a small settlement on the west coast of Bohinj lake, which is located in the area of Triglav national park. According to the legend, the name Ukanc originated from the phrase ”u konc” or the end of the world, as people are supposed to believe that the world under nearby Komarča is ending. [_Read more_]

The path around Bohinj lake
The path around Bohinj lake is one of the most visited footpaths, which offers a beautiful view of Bohinj lake and its surroundings, the view on its natural and cultural heritage. We can set off or from Ribčev Laz or Ukanc, and we can decide for ourselves in which direction we will go. [_Read more_]