travel-slovenia-lipizzan-horseLipizzan horse
Lipizzaner is a member of breeds of horses, bred in Lipica. The breed was, in year 1850, founded in the Habsburg Monarchy by Karel, specifically in the area of the Slovneian Karst and is the oldest cultural breed of horse in the world. The horse is Slovenian symbol, depicted on the Slovenian 20 cent coin. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-posavski-horse1Posavski horse
This breed is typical for the Posavje region, especially in the area of Krško field and Brežice. They also breed it in Croatia. The breed was formed when farmers unplanned cross-breeded the horse with different breeds, especially with cold-blooded Belgian type of horses. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-slovenian-cold-blooded-horseSlovenian cold-blooded horse
This horse breed was formed mostly in the area of north-east of Slovenia and Gorenjska region on the basis of domestic cold-blooded horses. The breed got its final image with crossbreeding with Noric horses, which are still used today. To a lesser extent, they also crossbreeded it with Belgian stallions.  [_Read more_]