Posavski horse

Posavski horse on the yard
Posavski horse in the yard

This breed is typical for the Posavje region, especially in the area of Krško field and Brežice. They also breed it in Croatia. The breed was formed when farmers coincidentally cross-breeded horse with different breeds, especially with cold-blooded Belgian type of horses. Horse breeding was based on the grazing method. It is distinguished by good exploitation of voluminous fodder, that can also be of inferior quality. It has a peaceful temperament and therefore suitable for grazing with cattle and sheep, making a positive impact on the structure of plants on the pasture. Since 1993 the pedigree book of this breed is being kept. Since 2003, there are 152 registered breeders, who have bred 345 broodmares and stallions. Horse is in Slovenia recognized as autohtonous breed of horse and thus included into a program of breeding of autothonous breeds. Until year 2000, 150 mares and 18 stallions were registered.

Preservation of Posavski horse breeding in Slovenia dates back in year 1993, when a pedigree book was introduced for this breed. Till year 2000 there have been about 150 mares and 18 stallions enrolled.


Horse has a small thin head, straight profile, with a medium long neck with a short back and short and very wide moderately despondent lower back. It has a relatively large and strong hooves. Legs are covered with a protective coat. It is benevolent and peaceful. Breed has a robust constitution and is well fertile. Horse is suitable for carriage and for breeding of slaughter foal.