Slovenian cold-blooded horse

Cold-blooded horse behind the fence
Cold-blooded horse behind the fence

This horse breed was formed mostly in the area of north-east of Slovenia and Gorenjska region on the basis of domestic cold-blooded horses. The breed got its final image with crossbreeding with Noric horses, which are still used today. To a lesser extent, they also crossbreeded it with Belgian stallions.

The pedigree book of this breed is kept since 1962 and this breed is slovenian most numerous breed of horses. Unfortunately, the share of this horses is decreasing due to the increased number of warm-blooded sport horses.


Slovenian cold-blooded horse is of medium frame, larger, usually moderately convex head, long neck. It has a long, deep, wide and well connected body, lower back is cleaved and often despondent. Legs are strong well-formed, with good step. Horse has friendly character, calm temperament. It is a good carthorse, therefore suitable for all yoke disciplines and horseback riding. Horse is also used for breeding of slaughter foals. It is known for strong constitution, perserverance, good exploitation of fodder, good growth and fertility.