TaleUp – We create stories!

TALE UP application creates stories for you, uncovers the objects around you and brings you the ultimate experience of the surroundings. The application provides you stories in Slovenia.



  • search for locations in your vicinity or around you, discover objects or stories around them
  • the arrow shows your location and the direction your phone is oriented. When you change your direction, it needs couple of seconds to turn around
  • this button takes you to the AR option and provides stories behind AR+ sign
  • search for AR+ location and see the stories behind them
  • musical note indicate content with sound or speech. Wait for the content to start
  • on the map look for % to get 5% discount at your purchase. Under company page you will see %, click on it and show the coupon at the store to apply 5% discount
  • listed TaleUp partners, where some of them offer you a 5% discount at your purchase. Click on sign % and show the coupon at the cash register
  • exit button gives you the option to exit the location, but if you are not 25 meters away from it, it will still be detected
  • take photo of the location you are at or ask your friend to take a photo of you and the location to save your memories
  • the list of supported phones for location part of the application. If your phone is listed, you can use the app in full, if not, you may not be able to see on location objects


Discover locations
On the map search for objects with location sign. Follow the arrow on the map, which will take you to the desired location. Once on the location, a new screen will open (with inscription: You have arrived). Press the button, then direct your camera to the ground and wait that the device detects the ground. Once the ground is detected, swipe your device around for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds click once on your screen, on white net, and the object will appear in front of you. Enjoy your view.

** object will disappear after 25 meters and you will be returned back to the map

Augmented locations
On the map search for AR+ sign, and arrow will take you to the augmented stories, which are hiding behind it. Once on the location, a new screen will open (with inscription: You have arrived to AR+ location), press the button and you will be directed to augmentation mode. Search for products with AR+ sticker and they will show you the story they hide. Point your camera to the surface and wait for the content to show.

Some AR+ locations also have % sign, and all locations with that sign offer you 5% of discount on your purchase. All you need to do is, once on location, go to list of locations and search location you are in, press % sign and new window will open with a coupon you need to show at the cash-register.

Welcome screen

Locations on the map

Location content

Augmented content


On location presentation

AR content presentation

Where to find discount coupon


There are some limitations to the technology you are using, sometimes the location object will not work properly. We suggest to search for the best position to see it, just try moving for few meters.

The app does not work in the dark or low light. Location AR will not work, as the phone can not detect the ground in the dark. AR story will not work in the dark or with bad light, you can use extra light to illuminate the surface.

If the phone is older than the year 2017, if could work slower with some mistakes in visiation.

If possible use data transfer connection, instead of WiFi. Usually it works better and it is safer to use. To show all the content, you need to turn on your location and internet connection (data transfer of WiFi if available).

Because of the technology that application uses to see location-based objects (applies only for location-based objects), not all phones are supported. Follow the link below and check if your device is listed. If your device is on the list, you can use the application in full. If you device is not on the list, it does not mean you can not use the application, but there can be some limitations to it.


AR+ stories work with all smart devicevs with a camera. If the phone is older, it could work a little slower.


  1. To use the application you will have to allow the application to enter some of the registers on your device (location, gallery, etc.)
  2. To use the application you will need to turn on your internet connection – data transfer of WiFi
  3. To use the application you will need to turn on location tracking
  4. With the use of the application you agree to once a month get a notification of novelties in the application – like new locations, new content, new discounts and more


With new year, 1.1.2020, Google Play Store is no longer sending automatic notifications when the application is updated. So this process needs to be done manually. And with the use of the TaleUp application you agree with getting this notification once per month.

The new content and information will work with your application only if you update it, and in order to do that just follow this instructions.

Step by step instruction

  1. Go to your Google Play Store
  2. In the left upper corner your will see three parallel lines, click on them
  3. A new window will pop out
  4. Go to My applications and games
  5. Search for TaleUp application
  6. Click update
  7. Wait for update to complete
  8. Enjoy your new version of the application with new content


If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or want to be part of the TaleUp application, feel free to contact us on e-mail taleupapp@gmail.com. We will come back to as soon as possible. Download the application HERE.


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