Free guided tours of Ljubljana

Along the free guided tour of the city Ljubljana, which starts on Prešernov trg (en. Prešeren square), you will get to know the most interesting parts of Ljubljana. From those more known, to those little less known. Your designated Travel-Slovenia tourist guide will be waiting for you on Prešernov trg, you will know him by a special T-shirt with Travel-Slovenia sign in his hands.

If you decide to attend the tour, we suggest you to come to the assembly point a little before 11 o’clock. A few minutes after 11 the tour will start, from here you will head on to the most interesting circular tour. You will get to know interesting facts about the city and various attractions, which you will see along the way. More information you will obtain from our guide. So do not hesitate, but join one of our organised guided tours and feel the beat of city Ljubljana.

Tours will be carried out every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11 a.m. Assembly point is Prešernov trg (en. Prešeren square). Find Travel-Slovenia sign and meet the capital city of our little sub-Alpine country. Ljubljana is expecting you!

Terms of free guided tours:

=> tuesday at 11 a.m., Prešernov trg
=> thursday at 11 a.m., Prešernov trg
=> saturday at 11 a.m., Prešernov trg


Travel-Slovenia is ultimate travel guide to Slovenia, on our web portal you can read about manifold facts about Slovenia, get to know our history, feel Slovenian products and native species or read different records about Slovenia, among them Slovenian anthem. We inform you about the events that occurred on certain date, do not miss the information you need while visiting Slovenia or learn about important historical figures, who affected our history and development. You will get to know Slovenia in detail, from mountains to valleys, from bigger cities to the smallest hamlets, from sea to bigger rivers, opportunities for walks along different paths. While discovering Slovenia you will see and learn different attractions from all times of Slovenia’s existence. Why not share your experience about your visit in Slovenia on our forum.


Benjamin Mencigar
I am a tourist guide as well as a student of Tourism. For this occupation I decided, not only because I like to travel, but also because I like to pass my knowledge and experience to people. I like to take them around in my own way and share with them everything what the path brings our way. Otherwise I also enjoy music and writing. The rhythm and the stories I include into my work and life.

For collaboration with Travel-Slovenia I decided, because I can complement my experiences and due to idea, to bring Slovenia closer to the people.

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