Sage hike

Sige hike is a traditional annual hike, which happens on first Sunday in April, with a start in village Vojščica, in front of the old school. The hike was named after the part of the route, which runs along the slopes of Brestovica valley, where on the rocky ridge sage groves grow. In a time of the hike, in the spring, sage is just in the beginning stage of flowering, and because of that, it smells amazingly good, which completely takes over the hikers every year. Also in this period, it is possible to see wild asparagus, which rises high and mighty over Karst slopes.

Sage hike has been organized since the year 2007. Until the year 2015, the organization of the hike was in the hands of Local community Vojščica, which next year, in the year 2016, it was handed over to the newly established Society Farjovca, sport-cultural-tourist society, which from its very beginning takes care of village development.

The beginning and end of the hike is every year at the same location, in front of the old school in Vojščica. The route of the hike is every year slightly different. The path is not difficult, and thus suitable for all generations.

During the hike, shortstops are planned with sightseeing of remains of the Karst heritage, natural and other sights. The hike is guided by a trained local tour guide.




  • Start of the hike: Vojščica – former village school, with gathering at 9 a.m.
  • Length of the hike: around 10 kilometers
  • Duration of the hike: around 4 hours
  • Complexity of the hike: medium difficulty
  • Equipment: suitable hiking footwear, in case of bed weather raincoat is recommended
  • Entry fee: 8 euro (the price includes a tour guide, starting and intermediate aperitif, snacks and lunch at the end)
  • Notes: in case if any of the hikers do not want lunch, the price for the hike is 4 euro. For children under the age of 10, the hike is free
  • Addition: in case if any of the hikers want a vegetarian meal, contact the organizer



Tel.: +386 41 825 569 (Tadej)
FB: ŠKT društvo Farjovca


Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca
Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca was established in the year 2016 in village Vojščica on Karst. They care about culture and sport in the village and the surrounding area. At the same time, they enable recognisability and presentation of historical and natural beauties in Vojščica and its immediate vicinity. [_Read more_]

Vojščica is typical Karst village with some preserved Karst homesteads and wells. It is located southeast from Kostanjevica, in municipality Miren-Kostanjevica, in vicinity of Slovenia-Italian state border. In the middle of the village is church St. Vid, which was erected between years 1924 and 1928. [_Read more_]


Vojščica sage hike 2019
Once again, the path took us to a small Karstic village near the Italian border, Vojščica. This time we joined an organized Sage hike 2019, which was already 13th in a row. Local Community Vojščica organized the first one in the year 2007, but in the year 2016, the organization was handed over SCTS Farjovca. [_Read more_]