Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca

Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca was established in the year 2016 in village Vojščica on Karst and today counts around 40 members. They care about culture and sport in the village and the surrounding area. At the same time, they enable recognisability and presentation of historical and natural beauties in Vojščica and its immediate vicinity. Society was established in order to intensify the connection between the inhabitants, to socialize and organize various events. We can say that they represent important support pillar of CS Vojščica, as they are in great help when organizing various activities. They organize events of traditional and casual character.


The idea of the name of the society comes from plant Farjovca – a thorny wand or amethyst, which is characteristic for village surroundings and presents a beautiful blue – thorny plant, with which ˝youngsters˝ had fun with and because of the sharp thorns they pelt with it. And that is how it was left in deep and special memory.


The goals and the mission of SCT Society Farjovca basically stare towards interconnectivity and socializing of the villagers or all members and nonmembers of the Society. With joint strength, the society will take care for preserving of the natural and cultural heritage of the village, organize sport, cultural, tourist and other programs, which will revive the village happening, preserve the tradition and encourage interconnectivity.


  • SAGE HIKE, which happens on the first Sunday in April, is a traditional hike of middle difficulty, and is 10 kilometers long and takes around 4 hours. Hikers are lead around surrounding forest paths, where they are getting to know the attractions of Krast and Vojščica. The specialty of the hike is with sage surrounded part of the route and beautiful panoramic view above Brestovška valley.
  • BONFIRE AND PLACEMENT OF THE MAYPOLE, April 31st, and May 1st. On this day, all the villagers traditionally gather in the early afternoon and then head to the nearby forest for logging for the most beautiful maypole. This is followed by its erection and bonfire. For diversification of entire happening with food and drink is taken care of by village musicians.
  • REVEILLE OF THE WIND ORCHESTRA is being organized on May 1st in front of village inn Pri Mariji. Already for several years, the reveille on May 1st in the morning hours is being hosted by Wind orchestra Komen, which prepares real traditional reveille.
  • VILLAGE HOLIDAY is traditionally celebrated on first Saturday after the holiday of St. Vid, who is a patron of the village church. Usually, they organize different games (from knowing of Vojšcica and its history to sport and fun challenges), where visitors of all ages compete with each other. Of course, there is no shortage of food and drink and singing at the sounds of domestic accordions.
  • PICNIC OF WINE AND CHESTNUT is organized every year in November. At the event, they select the best red and white wine and give prizes for the winners. The event is enriched by village musicians and delicious food, which is usually prepared by locals.
  • AUTUMN HIKE ON TRSTELJ is organized on the first Sunday in November. It is a traditional hike of middle difficulty and is 12 kilometers long and takes about 5 hours. Hikers are lead along forest paths from Vojščica towards elevation Trstelj and back. During the hike, visitors get to know the beauties of Karst nature and other sights of Karst.

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Vojščica feast on sand 2019
On Saturday, June 15th, 2019, we went back to the beautiful Karst village Vojščica, which celebrated its holiday on this day. A holiday of Saint Vid, by which the village church is called, at the same time Saint Vid is a patron of the village. In 2018, members of Farjovca named this holiday Vojščica feast on sand. [_Read more_]

Vojščica sage hike 2019
Once again, the path took us to a small Karstic village near the Italian border, Vojščica. This time we joined an organized Sage hike 2019, which was already 13th in a row. Local Community Vojščica organized the first one in the year 2007, but in the year 2016, the organization was handed over SCTS Farjovca. [_Read more_]

Autumn hike on Trstelj 2018
This time our journey took us to Karst, to a small Karstic village near the Italian border, named Vojščica. We joined an organized Autumn hike on Trstelj, the biggest peak of Slovenian Karst. It happened on Sunday, 4. November 2018, with a start next to an Old school and church St. Vid. [_Read more_]