Sveta gora


Sveta gora

Sveta gora is 682 meters high elevation, which rises above settlements Nova Gorica and Solkan. On the top are basilica, Franciscan monastery, pilgrim home, home Tau and Family center. Sveta gora is often named as Sveta Gora at Gorica, Sveta Gora above Solkan or Skalnica (en. The rock). Skalnica is otherwise the name for the peak of the elevation. The biggest attraction is a pilgrimage basilica of Queen of Sveta Gora.

Elevation was due to its position already in the time of antiquity the strategic point. Some speculate that here once stood pagan temple. On the top of the mountain opens a beautiful view of Gorica hills, Adriatic sea and Friulian plain towards the Julian Alps with Triglav, across Vipava valley towards Inner and Istrian hills. Sveta gora’s environment is spiritually blended with natural beauty, inviting man for centuries. Here is also a monument of St. Francis.

Sveta gora
Statue of St. Francis

Sveta gora is part ofEuropean Road of three Sanctuaries, where also belong Stara Gora above Čedad and Mary’s Celje above Kanal Kolovrat. You can reach the top of Sveta gora with the car from Solkan on asphalt road, along which are the stations of the Cross from the year 1991, or you can get to the top by foot along old pilgrimage route from Preval. You can reach the mountain also from Grgar, Zagora or Plave. One of the interesting trails is through caverns, the old trenches. Along the way, we are accompanied by smaller and bigger caverns. These are preserved and partly cleared Austria-Hungary defense positions.


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Sveta gora’s basilica
The biggest landmark of Sveta gora is God’s trail basilica The Queen of Sveta gora. On the top, next to basilica and Franciscan monastery, is a pilgrimage home, a Tau home and Family Center. Gora is well known among believers and locals, where believers from all over Slovenia, ascend. [_Read more_]

Caverns below Sveta gora
Sveta gora is 864 meters high elevation, which rises on the left Soča riverbank, north from Nova Gorica. There are several trails that lead on the top, the most known and popular path is through caverns, which starts at Preval and follows preserved and partly cleared Austria-Hungary defense positions. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-nova-gorica-viewNova Gorica
City Nova Gorica, also the city of roses, is a young city and by the number of residents the tenth biggest city in Slovenia. The city is the center of city municipality Nova Gorica, it was constructed after the Second World War and already for some decades represents the heart of the sunny Goriška. [_Read more_]