Caverns below Sveta gora


Sveta gora is 864 meters high elevation, which rises on the left Soča riverbank, north from Nova Gorica. The ascent on the hill is easy, from Solkan to the top leads asphalt road. There are several trails that lead on the top, the most known and popular path is through caverns, which starts at Preval and follows preserved and partly cleared Austria-Hungary defense positions. The path goes also through some very interesting caverns, and during the walk, you can see other trenches and caves.

Directional board for Sveta gora
Path along trenches

Towards trenches
First cavern entrance

Caverns are located on the way to the top of Sveta gora. Every few meters, caverns were dug into the ground, where soldiers found shelter during the bombardment. Only one soldier remained outside the cavern as an observer, but he usually did not return to the cavern. According to the calculations, they came to the conclusion that at least one grenade had fallen per square meter at the time of bombardment. After the war, there was so much iron that the inhabitants of the villages along Soča river collected and sold it as scrap iron.

The longest trench along the trail is 260 meters long, leading under Sveta gora. In the trench, we recommend suitable footwear, lamp, and clothing. We also need to climb in the trench, for help there is a wire rope. The entrance to the cavern is located at an altitude of 520 meters and the exit at 545 meters.

In the first ten-day of the 10th offensive, the Italians occupied Zagora and ridge Kuka, and from here they continued towards nearby section Vodice – Sveta gora, which has since been an Austrian reserve line. The Italians managed to conquer the top of Vodice on May 18th, 1917 and thereby chased the Austrians to gradual eastern slope, where severe fighting continued, which end in August. In the whirlpool of the 11th offensive, in the face of increasing pressure from the Italian army, Austrians retreated to new positions, on Banjšice plateau (si. Banjška planota), on the night of August 24th, 1917.

A trench
Canon opening

Ceiling in the cave
Entrance into the longest cavern

Wire rope for climbing
Water tank in the cavern


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Sveta gora
Sveta gora is 682 meters high elevation, which rises above settlements Nova Gorica and Solkan. On the top are basilica, Franciscan monastery, pilgrim home, home Tau and Family center. Sveta gora is often named as Sveta Gora at Gorica, Sveta Gora above Solkan or Skalnica (en. The rock). [_Read more_]

Sveta gora’s basilica
The biggest landmark of Sveta gora is God’s trail basilica The Queen of Sveta gora. On the top, next to basilica and Franciscan monastery, is a pilgrimage home, a Tau home and Family Center. Gora is well known among believers and locals, where believers from all over Slovenia, ascend. [_Read more_]