Nova Gorica


The view on Nova Gorica
The view on Nova Gorica

City Nova Gorica, also the city of roses, is a young city and by the number of residents the tenth biggest city in Slovenia. The city is the center of city municipality Nova Gorica, it was constructed after the Second World War and already for some decades represents the heart of the sunny Goriška. The idea of a new city occurred as a result of the 6th Paris peace convention, which granted the city Gorizia to Italy. At the same time Wider area of Goriška, lower Vipava valley and Posočje thus lost its center. City lies next to the border with Italy, with direct connection with the neighbour, Italian Gorizia. The cities are so inseparably connected, that is difficult to discern one from another. With entering of Slovenia into European Union this pass between cities became more open, at this also even more connecting and natural, which is a unique case in Europe.

City Nova Gorica was designed by architect Edvard Ravnikar in year 1947 with the help of youth working brigades from all over Yugoslavia. It was designed next to some avenues with wide arranged objects in greenery. When borders between the two cities had fallen, due to Slovenia entering into European union , the architects had come across new challenges of urbanistic design of both cities. International connection point of both Gorica’s is the Trg Svobode (en. Square of liberty), which is located in front of the Nova Gorica’s railway station. Specialty of the square is that half of it is in Slovenia, other half in Italy.

City of Nova Gorica
City of Nova Gorica

City is known after the tomb of last French king Karel X, who lies in tomb of the Bourbons in Franciscan monastery on Kostanjevica. On the edge the city is marked with Soča and famous Solkan stone bridge. City lies in nice mediterranean climate, which reflects in gentle climate and beautiful vegetation, which blooms for the whole year.

City and its surroundings invite every visitor to see variegated and interesting cultural and natural heritage – cultural buildings, avenue of the famous, castle Kromberk, castle Rihemberk, Basilica on Sveta Gora , Sabotin with the park of peace, city forest Panovec, Trnovsko – Banjška plateau and numerous other natural and cultural beauties. City is protected from the cold winter with Trnovsko and Banjško plateau, this is a beautiful world with completely different climate. For all, who want some peace will be excited over a wide vast Trnovski gozd. On the east wine growing and green Vipava valley is located.


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travel-slovenia-avenue-of-famous-men-viewThe avenue of famous men
The avenue of famous men (also the avenue of meritorious men , the avenue of great men, and the avenue of memorable men from Gorica) is located on Erjavčeva ulica, which is one of the oldest city streets in Nova Gorica and is connecting the city with the railway station. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-nova-gorica-pine-grove-viewPine Grove
Pine Grove park is the city park in Nova Gorica, it is a unique biotope in the middle of the city. It is planted on the area of last remains of the former clay pits. Soil holds the water, which attracts frogs and birds, as well as migratory birds. It is located behind the France Bevk Public Library. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-nova-gorica-spruce-in-front-of-post-viewThe Spruce in front of the Post office
In 1955 Jakob Križaj, brought to his home from Bled, in the flask in which he carried his lunch, four 10 centimeters big seedlings of the spruce. He planted all four at home. When Žarko Bole found out, that Jakob has at home almost meter high trees, he asked him, if he can donate them. [_Read more_]

Sveta gora
Sveta gora is 682 meters high elevation, which rises above settlements Nova Gorica and Solkan. On the top are basilica, Franciscan monastery, pilgrim home, home Tau and Family center. Sveta gora is often named as Sveta Gora at Gorica, Sveta Gora above Solkan or Skalnica (en. The rock). [_Read more_]

Bohinj railway
Bohinj railway runs between Jesenice – Nova Gorica – Trieste, in times of Austria-Hungary monarchy it was an important part of railway Prague – Trieste. It is 144 kilometers long, from 717 kilometers long railway. Bohinj railway includes 89 kilometers ob Bohinj and 55 kilometers of Karst railway. [_Read more_]