Pugled in located at the edge of City municipality Ljubljana, behind the village Veliki Lipoglav. The hill is 615 meters high and it is forested, therefore the view from the top is limited. At the top of Pugled is NLS monument in memory of 2. partisan battalion. Ascent to the top is not hard, therefore presents a nice walk in the shade of the trees.

The view on Pugled
The view on Pugled

On top of Pugled
On top of Pugled


Route1 From village Zgornja Slivnica Easy marked path 1 h 30 min



Jan 20, 2021 – Wed

Veliki Lipoglav, Slovenia
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed jan 20
overcast clouds
3/3°C 2 m/s, W 92% 765.07 mmHg
thu jan 21
light rain
5/4°C 4 m/s, WSW 92% 759.81 mmHg
fri jan 22
moderate rain
7/5°C 3 m/s, SSW 95% 750.81 mmHg
sat jan 23
moderate rain
5/1°C 1 m/s, NNW 92% 744.81 mmHg
sun jan 24
2/-0°C 1 m/s, ESE 91% 752.31 mmHg


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travel-slovenia-mali-lipoglav-viewMali Lipoglav
Mali Lipoglav is a village, which is located at the edge of City municipality Ljubljana. In the center of the village is the parish church of St. Claus. The area of the village Mali Lipoglav was populated already in prehistory, at which fort with earthwork indicates. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-veliki-lipoglav-viewVeliki Lipoglav
Veliki Lipoglav is a village located south of Mali Lipoglav, in Dolenjska region, at an altitude of 532,2 meters. The village is part of City municipality of Ljubljana. Behind the village rises a wooded hill named Pugled, on top of it is NLS monument. In the middle of the village is a little chapel. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-pugled-nls-monument-viewNLS monuments at Pugled
The area around the top of Pugled is memorial area that was tidied in year 1976. Here was a camp of 2. Styria  battalion and II. group detachments. At this area is pyramid hallowed in memory of four partisans from 2. battalion and memorial plaque hallowed to the struggle of partisans with italians in the same year. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-pugled-there-on-pugled-is-burning-viewThere at Pugled is burning
According to folk song written song There at Pugled is burning was sang by Slovenian soldiers during the First World War in the Carpathians. The poem There on Pugled is burning occured after the fights at Pugled, which was written by Ludvik Kukavica. The song became partisan struggle and later. [_Read more_]