Mali Lipoglav

Mali Lipoglav is a village, which is located at the edge of City municipality Ljubljana at an altitude of 529 meters. In the center of the village is the parish church of St. Claus that belongs under deanery of Grosuplje and archbishopric of Ljubljana. At the church stands little chapel, inside the cemetery is a monument to the fallen villagers, fighters against communism. The area of the village Mali Lipoglav was populated already in prehistory, at which fort with earthwork indicates. Slightly outside the village is Magdalena mountain. Ethnological village heritage are Jakopčev hayrack and ground floor longitudinal house with distinct relief ornament with year 1839 and writing IHS. In the village there is still preserved a drying house from the year 1937.

Wooden hayrack with inscription Mali Lipoglav
Wooden hayrack with inscription Mali Lipoglav

The view on Mali Lipoglav
The view on Mali Lipoglav


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travel-slovenia-mali-lipoglav-fruit-drying-room-viewFruit drying room
Fruit drying room in Mali Lipoglav vas erected in year 1937, and today stands on Grum’s homestead. At that time, teacher Alojz Trček gave the initiative, while landowner of homestead Grum gave a peace of his land to construct fruit drying room. Janez Grum’s family got two drying trays into use. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-mali-lipoglav-jakopic-hayrackThe Jakopič double hayrack
The Jakopič wooden double hayrack is interesting part of ethnological rural and profane building heritage of Mali Lipoglav, with interesting regional ornaments. Double hayrack is timed somewhere at the turn of 19th and 20th century. Double hayrack stand on concrete pedestals. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-mali-lipoglav-house-with-ornament-viewHouse with relief ornament
Interesting ethnological village legacy is located in Mali Lipoglav, a one floor longitudinal, in one part under-basement house, covered with symmetrical pitched roof. House has regionally characteristic relief ornament with vegetable motive on gable, inscription IHS and year 1839. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-mali-lipoglav-monument-to-fallen-fighters-against-communism-viewMonument to fallen fighters against communism
Monument to deceased parishioners, Slovenian members of the Home Guard, fighters against communism. Named fighters have not fallen in battle, they were betrayed and murdered. It is not known where is their last home, therefore home place accepts them with pain and respect. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-church-of-st-claus-viewChurch of St. Claus
Church of St. Claus operates withing deanery of Grosuplje and archbishopric of Ljubljana. The church was first time mentioned already in year 1290. In 18. and 19. century it was rebuild. In the middle of 18. century, specifically in year 1753, it was Baroqued, thereby acquired new presbyterium. [_Read more_]

The chapel is located in front of the wall, behind which are the church of St. Nikolaj, cemetery and the monument to the fallen villagers. To the left of the chapel is one-storey parish house with a neoclassical facade. The chapel was painted by Štefan Šubic and is today a heritage protected building. [_Read more_]

Pugled in located at the edge of City municipality Ljubljana, behind the village Veliki Lipoglav. The hill is 615 meters high and it is forested, therefore the view from the top is limited. Ascent to the top is not hard, therefore presents a nice walk in the shade of the trees. [_Read more_]