Veliki Lipoglav

Veliki Lipoglav is a village located south of Mali Lipoglav, in Dolenjska region, at an altitude of 532,2 meters. The village is part of City municipality of Ljubljana. Behind the village rises a wooded hill named Pugled, on top of it is NLS monument. In the middle of the village, where three main roads cross, is a little chapel. Through the village leads also a circular hiking path, going at the foothill of the Pugled hill.

The view on village Veliki Lipoglav
The look on village Veliki Lipoglav

Little chapel in the middle of the village
Little chapel in the middle of the village


Pugled in located at the edge of City municipality Ljubljana, behind the village Veliki Lipoglav. The hill is 615 meters high and it is forested, therefore the view from the top is limited. Ascent to the top is not hard, therefore presents a nice walk in the shade of the trees. [_Read more_]