The avenue of famous men


Erjavčeva ulica
Erjavčeva ulica

The avenue of famous men (also the avenue of meritorious men , the avenue of great men, and the avenue of memorable men from Gorica) is located on Erjavčeva ulica, which is one of the oldest city streets in Nova Gorica and is connecting the city with the railway station. The street continues into Gorica’s Ulica sv. Gabrijele (it. Via San Gabriele). This was the intention of the first designers of the city Nova Gorica, to have direct connection between both cities, Nova Gorica and Gorica in Italy. With Slovenia entering the European Union Erjavčeca ulica got its real purpose of connecting both cities.

On Erjavčeva ulica or the avenue of famous are placed bust statues of famous Gorica intellectuals, who were important for national and cultural development of Goriška region. Among all placed monuments stand out the monument dedicated to Sergej Mašera and the monument to Edvard Rusjan, who was a pioneer of Slovenian aviation. On this street once also stood a known brickyard – Fanaža, remains of which are today in use by the local community. In this brickyard they used to dig and bake clay.

The street serves as a real avenue of memory, where the erected statues are in memory of:  Pater Stanislav Škrabec (1844–1918), Jože Srebrnič (1884–1944), Milko Kos (1892–1972), Ljubka Šorli (1910-1993), Lojze Bratuž (1902–37), Engelbert Besednjak (1894–1968), Andrej Budal (1889–1972), Anton Velušček – Matevž (1912–44),  Sergej Mašera (1912–41), Josip Vilfan (1878–1955), Henrik Tuma (1858–1935), Alojz Gradnik (1882–1967), Ivan Trinko Zamejski (1864–1954), Karel Lavrič (1818-76), Anton Gregorčič (1852–1925), Andrej Gabršček (1864–1938), Simon Gregorčič (1844–1906), Fran Erjavec (1834–1887) and  Rastislav Delpin Zmago (1920–56).

Along Erjavčeva ulica were erected also statues from Mirko Bratuša and nine heads, Zmago Posega (1959-2009) and stone circles, monument to Edvard Rusjan and memorial dedicated to the defenders of Slovenian independency 1990-91. The core of the memorial is a concrete anti-tank obstacle. Almost a half of the statues were erected by Club of old Gorica students.

On both sides of the street there are also numerous firm rooted trees, which represent a real botanic wealth. In year 2009 Tourist society marked 16 exotic tree species along the whole street. The marks have Slovenian and Latin name.


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