Village Lipa

Village Lipa is typical nucleated Karst village, which is located at the foot of the highest Karst hill Trstelj (643 meters), by the local road Komen – Kostanjevica na Krasu. The village is surrounded by hills Stol, Stolovec and Greben and hump Goli vrh. Karst courtyards (si. borjači), gates (si. kalone) and narrow streets (si. gasa) are typical for the village. In the center of the village are church St. Mihael, which belongs to Parish of Temnica, inscription stone in Bohoričica with the year 1809 and NLS monument. In front of the village, in direction from Komen, is second NLS monument, dedicated to the victory of assault battalion XXXI division NLA (National Liberation Army or The Yugoslav Partisans) over SS battalion division Prinz Eugen.

The village is also popular as a starting point for the ascent on Trstelj or for a walk around surrounding places on path The Walk of Peace and remains of the old military railway.

The origin of the village goes to the period of Antique or even to the Bronze Age. These predictions are supported by sacral remains, which were found during the excavations in year 1996. There is not much data about the development and activities of the village in period until 19th century. There is a presumption, that in year 1946 Ljubljana bishop Urban Tekstor was born here.

Center of the village

Typical Karst house
Old Karst houses

The view on the church


Trstelj is the highest lookout hill in the Slovenian Karst and the highest peak of Črni hribi, which rises above the village Lipa. Črni hribi rises above the plateau of Trieste-Komen Karst between Lipa and Opatje selo. On the altitude of 610 meters, slightly below the top, mountain lodge Trstelj is located. [_Read more_]