The view on Trstelj

Trstelj is the highest lookout hill in the Slovenian Karst and the highest peak of Črni hribi (en. Black hills), which rises above the village Lipa. Črni hribi rises above the plateau of Trieste-Komen Karst between Lipa and Opatje selo. The peak of Trstelj is plain, where television and radio transmitters stand (due to its geographical location), orientational boards, pole with cardinal directions and mountain directional panels. On the northern side, we can see Gorica region with Sabotin, Sveta Gora and Škabrijel. In good weather, we can see part of Julian Alps, more to the right even Trnovska planota (en. Trnovo mountain pasture) with Golaki, Čaven and Nanos. On the southern side, we can see the Gulf of Trieste, part of the Italian coast and in good weather even peninsula of Savudrija.

The top of Trstelj

On the altitude of 610 meters, slightly below the top, mountain lodge Trstelj is located, Stjenkova cottage. At this place, after WWII, the ruins of Italian military facility stood here. But Mountain society Nova Gorica decided to renovate it for the needs of mountaineers. A year after the foundation of the society, 20. August 1950, the cottage was opened and named after national hero Anton Šibelj-Stjenko (1914-1945). There are several routes how to get to the top of Trstelj, namely from Dornberk, Rečne, Branik, Kostanjevica na Krasu, Lipa, Miren castle and Lokvice along the ridge of Črni hribi. From Trstelj we can walk along the ridge of Črni hribi towards Cerje, where we can see the monument with the museum in memory to all the wars.

Pole with cardinal directions

The view from Trstelj

The view from Trstelj


Village Lipa is typical nucleated Karst village, which is located at the foot of the highest Karst hill Trstelj (643 meters), by the local road Komen – Kostanjevica na Krasu. The village is surrounded by hills Stol, Stolovec and Greben and hump Goli vrh. Karst courtyards, gates and narrow streets are typical for the village. [_Read more_]