Bled lake

Bled lake got his name after the city Bled. Bled lake lies on Gorenjska at the foot of Pokljuka, in a basin of front corrie of former Bohinj glacier. 6 km of paths around the lake is just long enough for light recreation, like walk or riding a bike. It has several benches where you can relax and enjoy your view on the lake with the island in the middle and on Karavanke in the distance. You can also see a lot of ducks and swans. Very popular activity is rowing, as it can boast with tradicion of rowing sport and with hosting internacional competitions. In summer you can cool your self in the lake, swimming. In winter, it can freeze at low temperatures. At that time, if you dare, you can go ice skating. On southern side of the lake drains Jezernica. The islet on the middle of the lake is the only natural lake islan in Slovenia. Over the lake on steep wall lies castle Bled.

Bled lake with Bled islet and Church of a Mother Devine
Bled lake with Bled islet and Church of a Mother Devine

The view of Bled lake
The view of Bled lake


Relief around lake was formed in Pleistocene, when Bohinj glacier covered this part of basin within several thrusts. Upon it’s complete withdraw he left several belts of frontal moraines.

Lake was more extesive at the beginning and it had drain against the valley of Sava Bohinjka. Tectonical and glaciral comprehensive bottom, Grajski hill, Straža, Osojnica and the islet are in grained massive dolomite. On the Castle rock, southern edge of Straža and in smaller dusters over Bohinjska Bela is preserved reef of neoschwagerin limestone from middle spermatozoon (265 million of years). In this limestone are the most frequent fuzulindine foraminifers, sea mushrooms and neoschwagerines. About strong neotectonical activity under a Castle hill testify hipoterminal springs.


Tectonical design of the lake is confirmed by termal springs on northwest side of the lake. Because of them the water in summer reaches pleasant 23 degrees.


In lake lives water amphipods (Gammarus lacustris). They also found 19 fish species (Wells catfish, Pike, Pike-perch, Carp, Lake trout, Chub, Tench, Roach, Common rudd, Perch, Grass carp, Asp).

Traveling triangle or the Zebra mussel appeared couple of years ago, which is peregrine kind of mussel and makes a lot of damage around the world. Mussel propagates invisible to the naked eye by ova and larvae.

Mute swans at Bled lake
Mute swans at Bled lake

Ducks at Bled lake
Ducks at Bled lake


Because of numerous species of fish of trophy size, the idyllic islet in the middle of the lake, castle of Bled and breath taking surroundings applies to one of the best Slovenian destinations for lake fishing. It is permitted to screwing, floor fishing, bleaking and fishing per a barge from a boat, as well fly-fishing, which must be utilized within high water levels of surrounding rivers. Fishing season on Bled lake starts with 1st April and finishes with 31st December.


Surface: 145 ha
Altitude of water level: 475 m
Length: 2.12 km
Width: 1.38 km
Max depth: 30.6 m
Islands: Bled island
Town: Bled

Slovenia has only one island, but its uniqueness makes it more attractive. With its charm was, for centuries, a symbol of the town in which turists from all over the world like to return. This place, which exists for thousands of years, is Bled. It is one of the oldest and beautiful tourist places in Slovenia. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bled-islet-viewBled islet
Bled islet is small island in the middle of Bled lake on wchich stands medieval, in baroque made church. Next to the church stands an independent bell tower. Not far away, above the mighty staircase, are two houses. The surface of the island is 0.82 ha. And it lies on western part of the lake Bled. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bled-path-viewWalking path around Bled lake
The path that leads around Bled lake is 6 kilometers long and is suitable for easy recreation, like walk or calm cycling. We can join the path around the lake at any point we want. We can also visit one of the outliers we encounter along the way, from where is a beautiful view of the lake and its surroundings. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-mute-swan-viewMute swan
Mute swan is one of the most common birds in lake Bled. In addition to its characteristic black hump is found at the top of the swan’s orange beak, the swan is also well known for its elegant posture with its prominent S-shaped neck. [_Read more_]