The view on Bled from outlier Straža
The view on Bled from outlier Straža

Slovenia has only one island, but its uniqueness makes it more attractive than many to the islands. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains and rules in the middle of Alpine lake. With its charm was for centuries a symbol of the town in which guest from all over the world like to return. This place, which exists for thousands of year, is Bled.

Bled is a town at Bled lake. It is one of the oldest and beautiful tourist places in Slovenia. It lies at altitude 507.3 meters, in the middle of a diverse, glacial transformed landscape, in transition from Radovljica basin to the eastern foot of the mountain of Julian Alps. Bled was since the Early Middle Ages the name of the feudal estate, which included the area between Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka.

Model of lake Bled. Donated by the Lions club Bled to celebrate the milleninium of the first known reference to Bled, May 2004
Model of lake Bled. Donated by the Lions club Bled
to celebrate the milleninium of the first known
reference to Bled, May 2004

Today’s uraban settlement arose from village Grad, Mlino, Rečica, Zagorica and Želeče, which are arranged around the lake, separated by a set of autonomous elevations (Grad, Straža, Kozarca, Osojnica and Ravnica). City began to emerge in the mid 19th century, when farmers began to sell the most attractive agricultural lands alon the eastrn shore of the lake to the wealthy residents for the construction of holiday villas and villages Grad, Zagorica and Želeče started to overgrow. Offically, Bled gained city status in year 1960.

The place, which was alredy in the beginning of 20th century the most beautiful health resort in the former empire, attracted the European aristocratic elite. Afet WWII was here one of the most beautiful residences of the former state. In beauties of Bled have enjoyed many prominent people from all over the world. Cosmopolitan seekers of diversity and beauty, relaxation and inspiration, peace and sports will find here a multitude opportunities.

Ljubljanska cesta
Ljubljanska cesta
Tunnel in the rock on main road around Bled
Tunnel in the rock on main road around Bled


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travel-slovenia-bled-map-viewMap of Bled
On the map you can see the locations where the attractions of Bled are, with all outliers around Bled lake. Marked are also main roads and parts of Bled – Grad, Mlino, Rečica, Zagorica and Želeče. To view the map in full size, just click on the image on the left or on the link to open it in another window. [_See the map_]

Travel from Bled
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travel-slovenia-bled-lake-viewBled lake
Bled lake got his name after the city Bled. Blejsko lake lies on Gorenjska at the foot of Pokljuka, in a basin of front corrie of former Bohinj glacier. 6 km of paths around the lake is just long enough for light recreation, like walk or riding a bike or even jogging. [_Read more_]

travel-sloveina-bled-gorge-viewBled gorge
Bled gorge (or Blejski vintgar) is 1.6 km long, through which flows river Radovna (near the village Zgornje Gorje). The walls of sink are from 50 to 100 meters high, the height of the slope is 250 meters. In the gorge are jumps, rapids, potholes and other forms of corrosion activity of water. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-little-lakes-at-bled-viewLittle lakes at Bled
In Višce behind the the castle, hiding in the woods, are maintained double little lakes called “Jezerca” (also Little lakes at Bled). The little lakes are a swampy flat world and a natural monument since 1998. Marshy Little lakes confirm that swampyness of this area is always great. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-stream-misca-viewStream Mišca
Stream Mišca is the largest surface tributary of Bled lake, contributing most of the water in average of 4.7 million cubic meters, which is approximately one-fifth of all water in the lake. Stream Mišca has a big impact on the lake. The stream has its springs in swampy and morainic terrain in Rečica.  [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-stream-jezernica-viewStream Jezernica
Jezernica is a stream and the outflow of Bled lake. Its begininig is in the Bled area Mlino, which is arranged like a drawer dam. Her initial current is flowing in the arranged rocky riverbad between the houses of locals. The stream, after a kilometer flows into the Sava Bohinjka as a left tributary. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-park-bled-viewBled city park
Park is located in the immediate vicinity of the lake, at the point where most people gather. It is also a kind of starting point for a walk around the lake. Bled city park was desinged by the Swedish architect Carl Gustav Svensson (1861-1910) in year 1890. Park is suitable for a short rest or just for relaxing. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bled-france-preseren-monumentMonument to dr. France Prešeren
Monument dedicated to dr. France Prešeren is first and oldest monument that was raised by Ljubljana Fun Culturual Society in year 1883. It is located in the vicinity of Bled lake under the parisch church of St. Martin. On the monument are carved verses from Baptism on the Savica. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bled-monument-for-arnold-rikli-viewMonument to Arnold Rikli
Monument to beginner of spa tourism on Bled is located on top of the outlier Straža, next to Rikli trim trail. In Bled the Swiss Arnold Rikli developed »Natural spa institute«, which represented a unique method of healing with the moto: »Water of course is beneficial, air even more and the most light.« [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-church-st-martin-viewChurch of St. Martin
Neo-Gothic church on Bled is dedicated to St. Martin. It was built in year 1905, on the site where previously stood Gothic church from 15th century. First chapel was built already before year 1000. Plans to build a new church were contributed by professor Friedrich von Schmidt. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-walking-path-around-bled-viewWalking path around Bled lake
The path that leads around Bled lake is 6 kilometres long and is suitable for easy recreation, like walk or calmy cycling. We can join the path around the lake at any point we want. We can also visit one of the outliers we encounter along the way, from where is a beautiful view of the lake and its surroundings. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-rikli-path-viewRikli path
Rikli path occurred within time of activity of healer Arnold Rikli in Bled, where he and his patients lived under his principles (water, air and sun). Part of daily life was also a walk, a morning walk on an empty stomach, when they barefoot climb up the hill Straža. [_Read more_]

Straža is a small hill, 642 meters high, and it is not difficult to ascent. The walking path to the top is decorated, nice and surrounded by pine trees, oaks, lindens and birch trees. It is suitable for a pleasant walk or other summer or winter activities. [_Read more_]

Višce (550 m) do not have a prominent peak, but it is a nice walk through the woods. We go to Višce from western side of the lake, at sign Rečica – Višce. The path is well marked and takes us in a circle around Višce back to the starting point. At Višce is a monument of Adolf Muhr. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-outlier-grad-viewOutlier Grad
This outlier magnificently rises on the northern side of the lake, with 139 meters height and offers a wonderfull view to the surroungings of the lake. Here, sinec the Middle ages, stands the castle, after which a outlier is named. Access to the top  is possible along the marked footpath. [_Read more_]

Osojnica is a hill or oultier, that rises on the western shore of Bled lake. Mala Osojnica is 685 meters high near Velika Zaka and once we reach the top, opens a beautiful view. Velika Osojnica is 756 meters high and with a forest grown peak, which is located behind Mala Osojnica. [_Read more_]

Kuhovnica is the hill, also plateau, in the north-west side of the Bled lake. Serepentine path leads us to the top of Kuhovnica (714 meters), where is the vantage point that offers views of the lake, the castle and the surrounding area. With the ascent on Kuhovnica we experience the unspoiled nature of Bled. [_Read more_]

Outlier Ojstrica is 611 meters high. Its location is in the sub region of Julian Alps and the region of West Alp world. The hill is rising above the west coast of the Bled lake. Ojstrica has a sharp and stony summit, where the bench for taking a rest awaits for you. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-village-grad-viewVillage Grad
Village Grad is situated under the rock with the castle of the prince bishops ob Brixen, landlords of Bled after 1004 AD. It was fist recorded in land register books in 1253. The original settlement was located on the castle plateau, which offered the best conditions for defense. [_Read more_]

Village Rečica is located behind hill Višce, with streams Rečica and Mišca. Village Rečica was formed from three different parts. Cluster center of today’s village was formed next to the Old-Slavic cemetery, in a corner at the branch of the road towards railway station Bled – lake. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-bled-cream-cake-viewBled vanilla cream
Bled vanilla cream or cream cake is a symbol of Bled cuisine. At the same time it is much expanded dessert in Slovenia. Cream cake is being prepared in Bled since year 1953, when confectioner Ištvan Lukačević started to make them. He experimented with different recipes. [_Read more_]