Bled islet

Bled islet is a small island in the middle of Bled lake on which stands medieval, in baroque made church. Next to the church stands an independent bell tower. Not far away, above the mighty staircase, are two houses. And The staircase lies on western part of the island and is reaching 18 meters above the lake water level. The surface area of the island is 0.82 ha.

The view on Bled islet with the church
The view on Bled islet with the church

The view on the Bled islet froma afat
The view on the Bled islet from other side


The island is a result of tectonic actions and before Pleistocene river erosion. In time of glaciation the glacial activities greatly transformed the hill, which is made from Triassic limestone, what caused the decrease of the hill.


First signs of a settlement of the island reach back to young stone age – Neolithic, but specialists assume, that the island at that time was just a temporary fishing outpost. Reminders of of first building are reaching into 7th century before our count. Foundations of first sanctuary are from 8th century. They built a small church at that time, which was dedicated to Mary’s birth. That was first mentioned in writing only in year 1185. Church was expanded by Brixen bishops for the first time in year 1004. They got the Bled property as a gift from the emperor Henrik II. Church was later renewed several times; in year 1511 renewal was needed because of earthquake damage. The biggest renovation on church was in year 1698, when she got its baroque image. The island had most of its changes right in the 17th century, when were among others (year 1655) also built the well-known staircase and a small chapel of Mother of God. Both were built by administrator of that time Maks Petschacher. The church was renewed several times after World War II.

Beside the church, there are others buildings on the island too. They were converted for tourist visitors. On the northern side of the island is the Chapel of the Lourdes Mother of God, dug into a rocky slope. The building behind the church is assigned for church caretakers. On the shore is also a small lighthouse. All buildings on the island are being taking care by Bled parish.


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