Church of a Mother Devine


Folk legend says, that on present Baroque church, usted to stand ancient temple of Old-Slavic godess Živa. In fights between members of Christian religion and Pagan religion, the people destroyed the sanctuary and built a church.


travel-slovenia-bled-islet-church Specialists discovered on Bled islet traces of prehistoric (11th to 8th centuries before BC) and Slavic settlements (9th to 10th century). In the early Middle ages here was pre-Christian, probably Old-Slavic cult place. 124 graves were discovored with skeletons from 9th to 11th century. Foundations of pre-Roman chapel are from around the same time, it was built between the proces of Christianisation, which is probably the only known example of a cult object from that time on our territory. According to written sources, the first brick church on the island, Three-naved Roman basilica, consecrated to the patriarch Pallegrino in year 1142.


In 15th century, the church was rebuilt in Gothic style, they made a new presbytery, a freestanding bell tower and main altar. Renovated Single-naved church was in year 1465 consecrated by first Ljubljana bishop, count Žiga Lamberg.


In year 1509, the church was damaged by earthquake, so they carefully renoveted it, in early Baroque style. From former Gothic church are preserved only frescoes in the presbytery and wooden statue of Mother Devine, which probably adorned the main altar.


The present form is from 17th century, when the church was renovated after another earthquake. Main altar with rich golden-plated carving from year 1747. Central altar prastic represents a sitting Mother Devine, by which are donor of Bled possessions Henrik II. and his wife Kunigunda. The side altars are sacred to St. Sebastijan, St. Magdalena and St. Ana, they were made at the end of 17th century.


The bell tower, built in 15th century, has been renovated for several times due to damage by two earthquakes. In year 1688 it was struck by lightning. The current bell tower is 54 meters tall, with three bells, which were made by bell ringers from Ljubljana Samassa and Franchi. Besides the church, also other buildings, walls and monumental staircase with 99 steps, maintain their image from 17th century.


Special sight is “wishing bell” from year 1534 in the upper roof above the church nave, work of F. Patavin from Padua. Accordint to the legend, on Bled castle lived young widow Poliksena, who in grief for her husband gave in casting a bell for islet chapel. Due to the intense storm, the boat with crew and the bell sank and still today its ringing is heard from the depths of the lake. After hear death, the Pope sent for the church on the island another bell. Anyone who rangs with it, gives honor to Mary and his wish comes true.


bled-church Bled islet
Bled islet is small island in the middle of Bled lake on wchich stands medieval, in baroque made church. Next to the church stands an independent bell tower. Not far away is the mighty staircase. [_Read more_]