Karst Heritage

A guide to the historical and cultural heritage of the Karst

Karst Heritage is an application that works based on Augmented Reality and takes you around the historical and cultural heritage of our Karst. At the moment, you can see the Church of Saint Justin, which was once located above the village Vojščica, at Tabor.




To see the church of Saint Justin, you have to come to the village Vojščica na Krasu, more precisely to Tabor, which is the highest point of the village. There is also a village cemetery and a mortuary. To view the church, you need to position yourself to the left of the mortuary, approximately to the point shown in the image below.

At the finish, the application will guide you through the process of displaying the church in real size. At the location, a new window will appear with detailed instructions. In the first window, the inscription you have arrived (si. prispeli ste) will appear, click on it and the new AR window will open with further instructions. Then point your device to the ground and wait that your device detects the ground. Scan the ground for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, click once on the screen of your device (more precisely, on the white grid) and the church will appear in front of you. Now you can see it in all its might, from the inside or outside.



Due to the technology used by the application, all devices are not supported, on the link below you can find the list of devices that are supported by the application. Check if your device is listed. If your device is not listed, it does not mean that the application will not work.


The application currently only works for devices with the Android operating system and is available on Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery.


The application will not work in the dark/night, as the camera cannot detect the ground, because of the insufficient light, which prevents the application from displaying the content. There are certain limitations regarding the technology used by the application, from time to time an error can occur, incorrect display of the object or the application, or your device can freeze.


  • To use the application you will have to allow the application to enter some of the registers on your device (location, gallery, etc.)
  • To use the application you will need to turn on your internet connection – data transfer of WiFi
  • To use the application you will need to turn on location tracking
  • With the use of the application you agree to once a month get a notification of novelties in the application – like new locations, new content, new discounts and more


With new year, 1.1.2020, Google Play Store is no longer sending automatic notifications when the application is updated. So this process needs to be done manually. And with the use of the Kasrt Heritage application you agree with getting this notification once per month.

The new content and information will work with your application only if you update it, and in order to do that just follow this instructions.

Step by step instruction

  1. Go to your Google Play Store
  2. In the left upper corner your will see three parallel lines, click on them
  3. A new window will pop out
  4. Go to My applications and games
  5. Search for Karst Heritage application
  6. Click update
  7. Wait for update to complete
  8. Enjoy your new version of the application with new content


If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or want to be part (Karst region) of the Karst Heritage application, feel free to contact us on e-mail travel.slovenia.en@gmail.com. We will come back to as soon as possible. Download the application on Google Play Store – HERE or for Huawei devices HERE.

The application was developed in cooperation of Sport-Cultural-Tourist Society Farjovca and web tourist portal Travel-Slovenia, development of the application VRsolution. The project was co-financed by Municipality Miren-Kostanjevica.