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Lecture on Noordung
Pioneer in space technologies

DATE: Tuesday, 9.2.2021
LOCATION: Center Noordung – online lecture
TIME: 18:00
ENTRY FEE: Free participation


Listen to the presentation of the life path and work of Herman Potočnik Noordung. The presentation will be done by Primož Premzl, to whom the research of Potočnik’s life in a certain period presented him a unique passion. In the frame of this research of his life, he discovered some hitherto unknown facts and presented them in the book of Herman Potočnik Noordung, biography in word and image. The book was published in the year 2013, second, updated edition in the year 2014.

Herman Potočnik Noordung is known as a pioneer of space technologies and demonstrates great national importance, as he has established himself in the world space, in that time entirely unknown field. Many facts were wrongly presented or were bypassed. In the lecture, we will focus on provable historical facts and verify the reality of these quotations, which with the research of the importance of Herman Potočnik Noordung circled in public.


About the lecturer:

Primož Premzl is a publisher, curator, and a tireless collector of ethnographic material. In 28 years, he published 53 books, mostly from the fields of local studies, culture, art history, and ethnology. A few months ago he received Schwenter’s award for life work for special achievements in the field of publishing.


The online lecture will be held through the application MS Teams. Registrations are accepted on e-mail or mobile number +386 40 300 052. At the registration, you will get instructions on how to join the lecture.

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The Herman Potočnik Noordung Center of space technologies
Center Noordung is dedicated to one of the pioneers of space science, Herman Potočnik Noordung. His 1929 book The Problem of Space Travel – the Rocket Engine was an inspiration to many scientists in the development of space technologies. Center Noordung is located in Vitanje. [_Read more_]