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Art exhibition
Corona after Corona

Welcome to the opening of cycle of exhibitions ART OF CORONA AFTER CORONA

DATE: Friday, 7. August 2020
LOCATION: Center Noordung, Na vasi 18, 3205 Vitanje
TIME: 19:00
REGISTRATION (a must), 040 300 052


Artists in time of corona with their view and creation comment current events much more subtle and mostly social engagement. And it is right that their works and views we present and enable social Discuz.

The first exhibitor is Mojca Senegačnik, an engaged fine artist, academic painter, who in the year 1994 received student’s Prešeren reward, in the year 1995 she finished her studies at Academy for fine arts at professor Emerik Bernard and professor dr. Tomaž Brejec. Between the years 1996 – 2006, she had the status of independent artist in the field of culture. Engaged cultural worker, with versatile opus and engaged view.