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Traditional hike
16th annual hike

Farm T’dolenj and Society dolomite dolls invite you to

Traditional 16th hike »ALONG JANKO’S FOOTPRINTS« from springs of Cerknica lakes. Followed by presentation of activities on farm T’dolenj.

DATE: Sunday, 23. May 2021
LOCATION: Farm T’dolenj, Laze pri Gornjem jezeru 1, 1384 Grahovo
TIME: 14:00
INFO & REGISTRATION: +386 41 363 421 | e-mail

We will walk along diverse meadows towards the biggest springs of Cerknica lake and get to know rich natural heritage. You will see customs that ar part of Cerknica lake life.

Organized hike is guided, at the end we will socialize with snacks and tasting of products offered by farm. The hike will take us 2 hours and is suitable for all. Suitable footwear is needed (hiking boots). Contribution for guiding and tasting is 5 EUR per person. Children are free of charge.

We prefer prior registration, until Saturday, 22.5.2021, on phone number +386 41 363 421 or on e-mail

All NIJZ restrictions need to be followed to prevent the contagion of virus Sars-CoV-2 to spread.

Participation on a hike is per own risk. Hike will be in any weather. We look forward of meeting you. Politely welcome!