Event Details

France Bevk anniversary
Bevkova path hike

DAY OF THE EVENT: 15. September 2019
LOCATION OF THE EVENT: Hudajužna, Baška grapa
TIME: 10:00


At the anniversary of birth and death of France Bevk, in the frame of Bevko’s days, already 9th hike along Bevkova path is organized. Hikers will head towards Zakojca from Hudajužna in Baška grapa. Society Baška Heritage in this way upgrades ties between Cerklje and Baška grapa, which France Bevk with his writer’s pen made. Start of the hike will be at 10 a.m. from Hudajužna (informational point of Bevkova path on the terrace of snack bar Zver (en. Beast)). At the start, along the path and at the finish line, the hiker will listen to the excerpts of Bevk’s works. Every year the society chooses one theme from the writer’s opus, which is being summed in the themed paper for hikers. The hike is also organized as part of Festival of hiking 2019.

France Bevk was born on September 17th, 1890, he died on his 80th birthday in the year 1970. At this anniversary, every third weekend in September a series of events takes place under the name Bevk’s days. Every year they finish on Bevk’s homestead in Zakojca in the frame of Day of open doors. On this day, already traditionally hikers come from Hudajužna and Cerkno along three different paths in Zakojca. In front of the homestead, a cultural program is organized.

The hikers will reach Bevk’s homestead in Zakojca from three different directions:

  • at 10 a.m. – Hudajužna (Baška grapa) with stops, on which Bevk’s short stories, you will reach the finish line in about hour and a half
  • at 5.30 a.m. Cerkno – Porezen – Zakojca
  • at 8 a.m. Cerkno – Zakriž – Vrh Ravni – Zakojca

From 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., on Bevk’s homestead will be a Day of open doors.

At 11.30 a.m., it will be enriched with cultural program. On tourist farm Pri Flandru in Zakojca, upon prior announcement, a Bevk’s lunch will wait for hikers.

Contact / preferred pre-registrations

  • Society Baška Heritage
    Start Hudajužna: 041 601 248
    E-mail: drustvobaskadediscina@gmai.com
    Web: http://drustvobaskadediscina.nvoplanota.si/
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/869031666790768/
  • LTO Laufar Cerkno
    Start Cerkno: 05 373 46 45
    E-mail: info@visitcerkno.si
    Web: http://visitcerkno.si/


Road connections:

  • From direction: Škofja Loka – Železniki – Petrovo Brdo – Podbrdo – Hudajužna (40 km)
  • From direction: Idrija – Dolenja Trebuša – Bača pri Modreju (see signpost Podbrdo) – Grahovo ob Bači – Koritnica – Hudajužna
  • From direction: Nova Gorica – Most na Soči – Bača pri Modreju (see signpost Podbrdbo) – Grahovo ob Bači – Koritnica – Hudajužna