Event Details

Mountain run
of Ivan Anderlet

DAY OF THE EVENT: 7. September 2019
LOCATION OF THE EVENT: At the break of state roads in village Trtnik
TIME: registration at 7 a.m., start 9 a.m.


In the calendar of Littoral region mountain runs 2019 is for Saturday, September 7th, 2019 in the organization by Mountain Society Podbrdo, GRS Tolmin and municipality Tolmin registered 26. mountain run of Ivan Adderley to Črna prst. On 6.3 km long track, which is constantly ascending, the lovers of this discipline will head at 9 a.m. from the center of Podbrdo. The will compete in eleven categories, members of GRS in two more. The record of the track is from the year 2006, set by Peter Lamovec (00:47:46). The final event will be at 13:00 on sports playground in Podbrdo. The best runners will receive medals and trophies, all participants will receive memorial rewards, a warm meal, and drink. The winner of run on Črna prst of the year 2018 was a storm.

It is interesting that this is NOT 26th run in a raw. The first was namely suggested and organized by the president of MS Podbrdo Ivan Anderlet on August 9th, 1970. Only three brave men run it. The event was officially marked as unethical, so the next one was only on September 2nd, 1995 on the initiative of Ivan Čufar. Only Slovenian mountain rescuers participated, but in the last moment, they invited all lovers of this discipline. But only at 40th anniversary of this run, it was confirmed that mountain run was born in Podbrdo and that Marko Dakskobler, Ivan Čufer, and Peter Čufer were the pioneers of mountain run in Slovenia.

All three can still be seen full of plans, meant for mountain rescue work, mountaineering, running, hikes, cross-country skiing, ski touring, cycling, traveling, … Mostly they work on the image of one of the most beautiful mountain runs in Slovenia. “We continue because of the tradition, as we are a part of this for so long…”, says Peter, who has in his legs all twenty-four runs.

“Črna post is heaven for mountain runners,” wrote Ivan Čufer. As what all competitors also say. Not just because of the wild, unbearable world above the valley bottom, which challenges and encourages all the participants. Also because of the number of persistent locals, who give their spare time to prepare the track, to support runners along the track and celebrate with them at the finish line.


  • Start of the run at 9 a.m. at the break of state roads in village Trtnik
  • Route of the track leads on asphalt road towards village Trtnik, continues along the path on a meadow above the village and then on marked mountain path towards the top of Črna prst
  • The length of the track: 6.3 km; height difference: 1320 m


  • Starting fee is 15€ at the start from 7 a.m. onward
  • Family discount: at the registration of three participants from the same family, one member is clear of starting fee
  • Pre-registration is desirable, visit the link: http://www.pdpodbrdo.si/index.php?pid=31 or write on e-mail pdpodbrdo73a@gmail.com until 28.8.2019


  • Medals for first three places divided into categories
  • Trophy for the oldest and youngest participant
  • Medals for best three runners of the upper part of Baška grapa (region MS Podbrdo)
  • Trophy for first three places absolute men, women
  • Memorial reward
  • Hot meal and drink


  • A Younger male members 1990 and younger
  • B Male members 1989 – 1983
  • C Senior male members 1982 – 1976
  • D Younger male veterans 1975 – 1969
  • E Male veterans 1968 – 1962
  • F Older male veterans 1961 – 1954
  • G Super male veterans 1953 and older
  • H Younger female members 1994 and younger
  • I Female members 1993 – 1985
  • J Senior female members 1984 – 1978
  • K Younger female members 1977 – 1971
  • L Female veterans 1970 – 1963
  • M Older female veterans 1962 and older


  • Members of GRS up to 40 years (the year 1980 and younger)
  • Members of GRS above 40 years (the year 1979 and older)
  • Locals (region MS Podbrdo)
  • Noncompetitor (for PGT only counts participation)