Event Details

Mountaineers meeting
Traditional event

DAY OF THE EVENT: 21. September 2019
LOCATION OF THE EVENT: Home of Zorko Jelinčič on Črna prst
TIME: 10:00


15th traditional meeting of mountaineers will happen in front of the home of Zorko Jelinčič on Črna prst, third Saturday in September will be intertwined with socializing, connecting and collaboration. The meeting will start at 10 a.m. with holly mass for passed mountaineers, continue with a banquet with live music. This years meeting is dedicated to 60th anniversary of the takeover of Home of Zorko Jelinčič on Črna prst.


Additional informations about the event:

Podbrdo 73a, 5243 Podbrdo – Liljana Gatej – 041 872 014 – pdpodbrdo73a@gmail.com


Home of Zorko Jelinčič on Črna prst is this year open from June 3rd until September 22nd.


Baška grapa:

Baška grapa lies above the valley bottom and offers numerous tiny pearls, which were formed by nature with violent communion into narrow gorges, precipice ravines, and moist hollows. But a lot more attractive is the call of surrounding mountains. It is trapped into a safe area of Bohinje-Tolmin ridge, part of which is also the peak of Črna prst (altitude 1844 meters).


Members of MS Podbrdo are wearing Črna prst in their hearts

In the year 1954 MS Most na Soči rearranged former military building into a mountain cottage, but in the year 1958, it stopped with its operations. In the year 1959, a Mountain union of Slovenia handed it into management, care, and renovation to only two-year-old Mountain Society Podbrdo. At the consultation of mountain societies from Littoral region in Podbrdo in the year 1965, they renamed it into Moutain Home of Zorko Jelinčič on Črna prst. In sixty years it completely changes its image, as the society rearranged, extended and upgraded it. In the last 43 years, the supplies are coming with cargo lift. Walls of the home are enriched bya permanent exhibition about the life path of Zorko Jelinčič and the founder of MS Podbrdo Ivan Anderlet – Rejček.


Acces from Baška grapa:

  • Option: Podbrdo – Trtnik – Kalarsko Brdo – Črna prst
  • Option: parkirišče v vasi Kal – Kalarsko Brdo – Črna prst
  • Option: Podbrdo – Bača pri Podbrdu – Vrh Bače – Črna prst
  • Option: Petrovo Brdo – Vrh Bače – Črna prst