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This event finished on 29 November 2020

Cultural Technical Society
Baška grapa – 15th anniversary

DATE: 27. – 29. November 2020
START TIME: 27. November 2020 at 18:00


Already at the design of the 15th FESTival Echoes of Heritage, colored with the 15th anniversary of its operation, the Cultural Technical Tourist Society Baška Heritage subordinated the content to the requirements of the crown of time, which turned out to be the right decision. Instead of an attractive location in Baška grapa, we will place it in the online environment, consolidate it into a period from 27. – 29. November and add corona-friendly E to its title.

The main thought of the festival carries the message about the people, who stood out from the average and proved themselves with actions that touch our thoughts and emotions even today. We wrote it on the information boards scattered in all five local communities. In Bača pri Podbrdo we remember the lackey of the emperor Franc Jožef and the servant of Karl and empress Cita Petra Kusterla, in Stražišče there are still living words and actions of priests of Vinko Kobal and Drago Klemenčič. Rut was the home of TIGR member Simon Kos, a rebel for foreigners, for us a role model of a fighter-hero, as Rut’s wrote. In Grahovo ob Bači worked a priest, composer, and collector of folks songs, Ivan Kokošar, and France Bevk left his mark in Hudajužna. Many members of the Society and locals participated in the design with content and photos.

The anniversary encouraged the Society to pull out from the chest of operation all fifteen bundles of records and photographs, took a quick walkthrough, and sum up them into a brochure Reflections of Heritage. It will be a reminder of the heritage market, which has been a symbol of connecting and networking, especially the festival activities of ZOTK and KTT DBD over time.

Throughout the year, the Society prepared the space, collected and design the material for the establishment of the museum collection, which primarily offers a permanent exhibition about the former TVI Bača Podbrdo. In the second row, the exhibition will present donated ethnological objects that talk about life once upon a time.

Although the e-festival is not the same as a live event, festival products with a sustainable location in place significantly augment the cultural tourism of this area and bring to the public new insights and offer new experiences. Above all, the preserve the identity of Baška grapa.