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In the mid-1950s, the TMS decided that the establishment of a national postal museum would become part of its general development objectives, and further to this it became actively engaged in the collection of exhibits. However, it was to be another three decades before a specialist post and telecommunications museum – of the type, which had long been established by other European nations – finally opened its doors to the Slovene and international public. Nowdays at the Museum of Post and Telecommunications new and updated collections are on display: History of Post, (Tele)communications in the Past, at Present, and in the Future!, Women in Telegraphy and Telephony, Statues of Neptune fountain and for the youngest visitors Živa’s corner.

Postal transport vehicles

Phone collection


History of Post
Post, telegraph and telephone services in the Polhov Gradec Museum are introduced in such a manner that visitors are able to receive an insight into all the numerous forms of transfer and transmission of news, information, money and goods, from ancient times right up to the present day. [_Read more_]

(Tele)communications in the Past, at Present, and in the Future!
With the help of technology, the world has become smaller, the distances are shorter, the communication easier and faster. At the exhibition (Tele)communications in the Past, at Present, and in the Future! the development of telecommunications is presented. A special display presents Iskra phones. [_Read more_]

Women in Telegraphy and Telephony
In the exhibition visitors will discover how developments in telegraphy and telephony contributed to the creation of new jobs during the 20th century which were mainly occupied by women. By the mid-19th century women who worked for their living were not considered ‘ladies’. [_Read more_]

Statues of Neptune fountain
The Neptune fountain, in the courtyard of Polhov Gradec mansion, is one of the most interesting cultural monuments in 17th Slovenian century, because of its unique shape. A rectangular pool is surrounded by four corner pillars, richly decorated with plant ornamentation, on which four nymphs are placed. [_Read more_]

Živa’s corner
A special children’s department is called “Živa’s corner”. The youngest museum visitors are introduced to the development of transport and the history of message transmission from ancient times to the present day with the help of Illustrations by academic painter Kristina Krhin. [_Read more_]

Museum of Post and Telecommunications
In Museum of Post and Telecommunications they share stories about times when we eagerly waited for the postman bringing some fresh news and when mobile phones were not yet a part of our lifes. Formerly housed in Stara Loka Castle, between 1985 and 2008, was opened in Polhov Gradec Castle. [_Read more_]