Technical museum of Slovenia


Technical museum of Slovenia is located in the former Carthusian monastery in Bistra pri Vrhniki, which is only twenty kilometers away from Ljubljana. Besides the sightseeing of museum collections, the visitors can enjoy in rest in a peaceful natural environment, away from city hustle, at soothing sounds of the murmuring museum stream.

Between monastery walls and halls are on display numerous collections from the field of agriculture, traffic, forestry, carpentry, hunting, fishing, textile, electrical engineering, and printing. The visitors pay a lot of attention to the collection of Tito’s cars and water-powered devices, like grain mill, tool forging, reconstructed veneer drive plant and a Venetian saw. The operation of some can be seen in the frame of Sunday demonstrations.

Objects and appliances, which are being discovered, carry within themselves many funny, educative and interesting stories and answers on many of questions: What car was driven by my grandparents? How my grandmother baked bread? With what they wove their clothes?

Technical museum of Slovenia

Timber department
Printing department

A collection of protocol rides



Technical museum of Slovenia
Bistra 6
1353 Borovnica

Phone: +386 (0)1 364 00 83
Web: Technical museum of Slovenia


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TMS collection
The Technical Museum of Slovenia displays nine permanent collections on more than 6000 m2 of exhibition areas, which are which are: printing, agriculture, road vehicles, textiles, electricity, fishing, wildlife and hunting, wood working, forestry and water driving machinery. [_Read more_]

TMS History
TMS was founded in order that a fitting record of Slovenia’s industrial heritage might be kept. Its mission was/is to collect, preserve, protect and exhibit moveable elements of heritage pertinent to and symbolic of the historical development of this nation’s indigenous crafts, trades and industry. [_Read more_]

Museum’s documentation
In addition to the collections of exhibits and the Museum Library, are the Archives – the Museum’s own records department – is one of the cornerstones of the TMS. It is also the place where supplementary written, visual, audio and audio-visual documentary materials. [_Read more_]

Museum of Post and Telecommunications
In Museum of Post and Telecommunications they share stories about times when we eagerly waited for the postman bringing some fresh news and when mobile phones were not yet a part of our lifes. Formerly housed in Stara Loka Castle, between 1985 and 2008, was opened in Polhov Gradec Castle. [_Read more_]

Bistra is a small settlement in municipality Vrhnika with approximately 43 residents, it is located on the southwestern edge of Ljubljana marshes, next to the road between Vrhnika and Borovnica. Above Bistra rises 605 meters high hill Javorč, along the slope runs a railway line Ljubljana-Postojna. [_Read more_]