Višce (550 m) do not have a prominent peak, but it is a nice walk through the woods. Access outlier Višce is from western side of the lake, at the sign Rečica – Višce. The path is well marked and takes us in a circle around Višce back to the starting point. At Višce is a monument of Adolf Muhr, Vieanna wholesaler, who in year 1882 bought the castle lordship Bled. Monumet was established in year 1906 by his children. During the walk we encounter a secluded meadows and benches, where you can rest. From Višce is a beautiful view on the castle hill and castle its self. A walk through outlier Višce can also be expended with a visit of outlier Grad, Rečica or Mala Zaka.


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Slovenia has only one island, but its uniqueness makes it more attractive. With its charm was, for centuries, a symbol of the town in which turists from all over the world like to return. This place, which exists for thousands of years, is Bled. It is one of the oldest and beautiful tourist places in Slovenia. [_Read more_]

Village Rečica is located behind hill Višce, with streams Rečica and Mišca. Village Rečica was formed from three different parts: cluster center, younger part and part at stream Mišca. A good number of houses still have the typical appearance of Gorenjska house. [_Read more_]

travel-slovenia-adolf-muhr-viewStatue of Adolf Muhr
Adolf Muhr is the lord from 19th century, and the Viennese wholesaler. In year 1882 he bought the castle lordship Bled, which was in his possession until year 1919. At the lake Bled, in year 1892, he built Villa Ilsenheim, today known as Villa Rog. The statue was built in year 1906 by his children. [_Read more_]